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How to make a milk brick iced latte? Is Avjado ice cream with concentrated? What is latte?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, It's the season when cicadas and sparrows talk outside the window again, so it's time for coffee drinks that are so popular in summer to return to the menu! Orange C, cucumber, pineapple, coconut green American, mint latte, afjado, etc. are all the hottest coffee products in various coffee shops every summer. Since we can spend the summer

It's time for cicadas and sparrows to talk out of the window, so it's time for coffee drinks, which are very popular in summer, to return to the menu.

Orange C, cucumber, pineapple, coconut green American style, peppermint latte, avocado and so on are the most popular coffee products in coffee shops every summer. Since it can sell well in summer, it shows that these products are not only delicious, but also very suitable for this hot season. Although Qianjie stores do not sell these special products, but! In front of Qianjie, which has been tasting coffee for many years, this little thing is not difficult for Qianjie ~ so Qianjie will share these delicious coffee which are suitable for summer experience one after another, so that you can also make delicious coffee in the coffee shop at home! What I want to share today is a special coffee that is more popular recently, a special version of Avjiadot-milk brick latte!

A special version of Avjiadot? Avjiaduo is the transliterated name from the Italian word "Affogato", which means submerged! There are only two kinds of materials needed to make Afujiaduo: espresso and ice cream! Just pour the extracted espresso on the ice cream and a traditional coffee dessert is made. It is not only very simple, but also very delicious.

At this time, a friend will ask: "Why is the milk brick latte a special version of Avjiadot? judging from the name, the milk brick latte does not seem to have any connection with Afujiaduo!"

In fact, the so-called milk brick refers to ice cream made of milk! But because the ice cream is designed to look like a brick, it is named milk brick! In other words, milk brick is actually an ice cream product! (looks like this ↓)

And the latte with milk brick is a latte with milk brick. In fact, the practice is not much different from Avjiadot, except that in addition to ice cream and concentrate, there is also the addition of milk, so people can be called "lattes"! All right, the introduction is over. So next, let's share with Qianjie how to make this milk brick latte.

How to make a milk brick latte? Although we can make it literally, we still need to pay attention to some key details if we want to make it delicious. So, let's first introduce the materials we will use: 1 ice cream brick, 100g ice cubes, milk 120ml, espresso 40ml, and a coffee cup. The milk brick latte front street chose to use a higher coffee-to-milk ratio than the regular iced latte (1:3, 1:4 regular iced latte)! Because ice cubes and ice cream continue to melt after they are made, we don't need to use too much milk, otherwise it will easily dilute the taste of the coffee. And coffee is not limited to espresso, as long as it is a high concentration of espresso, it is OK! So first of all, let's add milk and ice to the cup!

Then cut the milk brick into several small pieces and place it on the ice. At this point, it is important to note that you must use enough ice cubes or hard enough. Because if the ice has no supporting capacity, then the milk brick will sink into the milk, which will speed up the melting speed of the milk brick and change the experience of the coffee! (change, not decrease)

Then we extract a cup of coffee from a mocha pot, hand press and espresso machine. After the extraction, just pour it on!

At this point, the milk brick coffee is finished! If friends who have cocoa powder at home can also take out a leaky spoon and sprinkle some cocoa powder evenly, milk brick coffee can get more layering!

Before we enjoy it, we can use a straw to stir in advance to make the ice cream and milk coffee more integrated, it will have a stronger milk flavor, more mellow, really delicious! But friends who do not like sweet milk bricks should be put less, after all, this milk brick. It's as sweet as the front street! Of course, a milk brick latte can do more than that! The "parts" on its body can be replaced at will, and the playability is super high! For example, milk can be replaced with coconut milk with more summer properties, or Bingbok or super milk with higher milk concentration; milk bricks can also be replaced with ice cream that is more in line with their own taste, not necessarily limited to milk taste! Anyway, everything can be used for anything at home (as long as it is reasonable and delicious)