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Lucky co-branded TV series "The Story of Rose", Liu Yifei's same keychain was stolen!!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Factory Recently, the TV series "The Story of the Rose" was popular, and Lucky also took the opportunity to catch up with a wave of linkage. It is understood that Lucky's joint venture with the series this time is to incorporate the key element of the series,"Yellow Rose". In addition to launching a new drink "Yellow Rose Latte

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Recently, the TV series "the Story of the Rose" has become a hit, and Rui also took the opportunity to catch up with a wave of linkage.

It is understood that Lucky's joint name with the show is to integrate the key element "Yellow Rose" into it. In addition to launching the new drink "Yellow Rose Latte", it has also created a three-piece set related to the TV series, namely, a paper bag, a cup cover and a key chain. If you buy a "2 cups yellow rose latte" package, you can also get a joint key chain hanging decoration.

As a result, the event has received special attention from a large number of drama fans before it went on the market, and some even set the alarm clock to go to work two hours earlier than usual to prepare for the surrounding area.

Not long after Lucky launched the promotion early yesterday morning, the topic of "Yellow Rose Latte" immediately went viral on Weibo, and the early riser, which successfully won the key chain, naturally posted pictures showing off its joint suit.

However, in the matter of robbing the perimeter, Rui Xing also reminded everyone in the comment area that due to the uncertain inventory situation around different stores, the stock quantity of individual stores may not be enough. It is recommended that everyone confirm whether the "gift peripheral" package is available before placing an order.

So those fans who were too late were not so lucky. They thought it was certain this time, but they still passed by the periphery, took advantage of the fun and went home. Many netizens who didn't get the key chain posted crying that they bought a two-cup package online, but they were told by the shop assistant that the store only had a joint key chain and had already sent it out, so it was gone.

Others found when ordering on Mini Program that the two-cup package with the surrounding rose key chain has been sold out, only the following single cup drink and the yellow rose package without the surrounding (keychain), search every store nearby and show that it is out of stock.

"Lucky, you really have a key chain in a shop.", "you don't even know what a key chain looks like in two cups", "No way, two in one shop?" , "buy 18 cups without key chain", "Yellow Rose key chain will be gone at 8 o'clock", "key chain has been completely removed from the shelf", "take it off the shelf series" …...

In fact, apart from the fans who failed to get around the joint name, there was another person who didn't seem to get Lucky's yellow rose keychain. Just last night, TV protagonist Liu Yifei posted her latest Weibo with photos of tasting a new product of coffee and taking a photo with her co-star. # Liu Yifei drank a yellow rose latte # quickly hit the top search list and set off a new wave of topics.

However, some fans have noticed that the yellow rose key chain in the hands of the fairy sister is not from Ruixing, but is also recently accompanied by the cosmetics brand Shiseido, which is co-named with the TV series. As a result, many fans joked, "it turns out that Liu Yifei himself did not grab Lucky's key chain" and "Liu Yifei, give me yours."

According to the workers' feedback, for the joint name with "the Story of the Rose", most lucky stores only have one or two joint key chains, only a few big stores have three or more materials in stock, and there are so many robbers. so if you want to get it, you have to work hard.

Another Lucky employee post pointed out that apart from the fact that the stock of the most popular rose key chain is indeed very small, in this joint event, the store only has a bottle of yellow rose-flavored syrup and a box of paper bags, which went on sale yesterday morning, less than 5: 00 p.m., all the products related to the joint name have been officially sold out, it can be said that materials are quite scarce.

As for the fact that they really want to take the joint name into the bag, but it is difficult to find stores around them, fans have no choice but to go to Ruixing's comment area and call the authorities: replenish it!

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