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Looking to Starbucks? Lucky also produces ice shock condensation!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop A few days ago, Lucky launched two limited iced drinks in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, allowing Guangzhou and Shenzhen fans who were tortured by high temperatures to drink cool drinks to dispel the scorching heat. It also really made fans in other regions of the country envious and bluntly asked Lucky to hurry up

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A few days ago, Ruixing launched two limited ice drinks in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, allowing fans of Guangzhou and Shenzhen who were afflicted by the high temperature to drink cold drinks first to ward off the heat, which was really the envy of fans in other parts of the country. bluntly let Lucky promote it across the country.

After the limited version was launched, netizens were surprised to find that Ruixing Mini Program in Guangzhou and Shenzhen used different names for the new product. The Guangzhou version is called raw coconut snow credo and vanilla snow credo, while the Shenzhen version is called raw coconut ice shock concentrate and vanilla ice shock concentrate. Judging from the official publicity posters, both of them should belong to the same product except for their different names.

But when some friends hear the name of the new product, they instantly think of the "Ice shock concentrate Series" on the Starbucks menu.

Two years ago this summer, Starbucks launched a series of ice shock concentrated drinks, which were quickly welcomed by loyal users and became a regular member of the menu. Over the past two years, in addition to the classic flavors of vanilla and sea salt caramel, the series has also introduced new flavors such as caramel popcorn to attract fans to place orders.

The two new products launched by Lucky are not only in a collision with Starbucks in name, but also very similar in the way drinks are made. Netizens who bought the drink reported that they saw Lucky employees shaking hard with a snow cup dressed in coffee concentrate in the store, and the whole production process, including the final product, was almost exactly the same as Starbucks' ice shock concentrate series.

But there are still some differences between the two. Lucky's raw coconut ice shock concentrated ingredients are very different from Starbucks drinks, adding not oatmeal milk but coconut milk.

Another obvious difference is the price of the product that the public is most concerned about. According to the sharing of consumers in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the market price of Ruixing's chilled concentrated drinks is 17 yuan, with a minimum discount of 9.9.

Compared with Starbucks' average price of 37 yuan, Lucky's new product can be said to be a cheap substitute, which is considered by many netizens to be very cost-effective. "this is really like Starbucks,"pdd version of coffee", "Thank you Lucky for letting me drink the same style of Starbucks."

In addition, some netizens noticed that recently, Ruixing's new products can more or less see the shadow of Starbucks.

In the past, Ruixing's light coffee series was similar to Starbucks' raw coffee series, while the marble American style, which was complained by netizens about "Egg & vegetable soup's appearance", was similar to Starbucks's hidden drink of "all-iced American coffee + whipped cream". As well as the now ice shock concentrated products of the same name, netizens can't help but wonder whether Lucky's R & D department is addicted to making "Starbucks same model" recently.

Some people also think that there are plenty of coffee drinks with creative crashes on the market, and Ruixing's launch of "Starbucks parity" is also a good thing for consumers, giving customers who like Bingzhen concentrated drinks one more choice. it may also be conducive to competition among chain brands, the emergence of more differentiated products, bringing new surprises to guests.

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