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Cafes launch a ban: no laptops!

Published: 2024-07-21 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Nowadays, it is the daily routine of many young people to use their notebooks to take online classes to study and handle work tasks. Most of them go to the cafe along the street to buy a cup of coffee, blow the air conditioner and charge while borrowing the store. Wi-Fi, spend the day in a comfortable environment

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Nowadays, it is a daily routine for many young people to study and deal with work tasks on their laptops. Most of them will go to the cafe along the street to buy a cup of coffee, turn on the air conditioner and recharge while borrowing the Wi-Fi in the store, so as to deal with their day's business in a comfortable environment.

But the situation is a little different in some European countries. Recently, some cafes in Valencia, Santiago and Barcelona in Spain have posted "No laptops" reminders, refusing to use laptops to study in their own cafes.

Shopkeepers say customers who use laptops to work usually order only one drink, but they occupy the table for hours or even the whole day. Some guests even ask the clerk to turn down the background music to make it easier for them to have meetings or make phone calls.

The behavior of these consumers is a headache for many shopkeepers. Privately run cafes do not have enough seats, and once they receive guests who work and study for a long time, they will not be able to receive more customers, thus affecting the turnover of the cafe.

So shopkeepers have to take measures to restrict customers who hold computers and use cafes as offices. In addition to the explicit rejection of the most direct posters, some cafes politely reject guests with office needs by shutting down Wi-Fi, while others charge customers an hourly fee for using laptops.

The restrictions on "laptop hegemonists" are not unique to Spanish cafes. Some cafes in France, Germany, Portugal and other countries have launched similar measures to refuse to receive consumers who use laptops for long periods of time. To maintain the sustainability of store operations and protect the original social atmosphere in the store.

As for the restrictions imposed by shopkeepers, some customers who agree that the use of laptops in cafes, whether paid or not, will have a negative impact on the store's image. and pointed out that the cafe is a place to promote interpersonal communication and easy conversation, where customers will chat with friends and enjoy coffee, rather than some people's "mobile office".

In addition, some cafes such as South Korea, Japan and Singapore have also begun to take measures to restrict customers from working in the shop for a long time, such as telling customers how long they spend, restricting the use of Wi-Fi in the store, requiring customers to refill their glasses after two hours, and so on, to dissuade some customers who want to work and study in the cafe for a long time.

Some coffee shop operators believe that if consumers need to work and study with laptops, they can spend money in stores that provide shared workspaces or self-study rooms, instead of occupying seats in small cafes, so that customers who really want to enjoy coffee can not find seats, thus affecting the normal operation of the cafe.

However, some consumers believe that office emails will inevitably need to be dealt with when office workers are away from home, and the roadside coffee shop may be their best choice at that time. However, it is a bit unkind for shopkeepers to refuse all customers who use laptops regardless of the circumstances, and it also brings some negative impressions to cafes.

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