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It's too difficult for working people ~ Give bad reviews to coffee shops if you don't give blankets??

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Recently, a coffee shop comment aroused heated discussion among netizens. The person who made this comment was a mother who took her four-year-old child to the mall and took the child to the sofa in a coffee shop to rest because the child fell asleep. But the temperature in the store is low,

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Recently, a comment from a coffee shop has aroused heated discussion among netizens.

The comment was made by a mother who took her four-year-old child to the mall and took her child to rest on the sofa in a coffee shop because the child fell asleep. However, the temperature in the store is low, and customers do not bring more clothes themselves, so they turn to the shop assistant for help and want to borrow blankets or employees' overalls as quilts for children to prevent them from catching cold.

But three or four staff members in the store did not look for it, directly saying that the store could not provide blankets and overalls, saying that the staff did not have enough overalls to lend them to her. The clerk's refusal made customers angry and said bluntly, "it's hard for me to want to spend in this store."

Although children are energetic, they will "sleep anywhere" when they are tired of playing, and many netizens who take their children out to play have experienced similar experiences with this mother. And away from home, there will always be unexpected situations, so it is not difficult for the mother to ask the shop assistant for help, hoping to get the service she deserves.

However, in the eyes of some consumers, although the staff of the coffee shop will try their best to meet the needs of the customers, the request for borrowing blankets made by this mother has actually gone beyond the service scope of a coffee shop. It is reasonable that the clerk can not meet the demand. On the contrary, it is because customers can not get blankets and bad reviews of cafes, some inappropriate.

At the same time, some coffee shop owners who had received parents with children felt helpless when they saw the bad reviews, saying that most of the children were lively and noisy, some would chase cats in the store, some would laugh loudly and disturb other guests, and some would paint on the wall at will.

Every adult has experienced childhood, and shopkeepers also know that children are playful and noisy, but they say bluntly that drinks containing caffeine are not suitable for children to drink, and most of the consumers in the store are looking for a quiet and comfortable atmosphere. it is also not suitable for children to play in the playground.

In order to avoid causing trouble and bad reviews to their small shops, more and more coffee operators will take "no reception of children" as a store rule, directly shutting out children and their parents, and using tough ways to protect the consumption experience of other guests in the store.

They said that although this may arouse the dissatisfaction of some parents, and even cause their coffee shops to be labeled with negative labels such as "discrimination against children" and "prejudice against children", which will more or less affect the store's impression. However, if you use "no children" to avoid unhappiness with some parents with children and reduce some of the bad reviews that make you feel haggard, I am still willing to do so.

After all, most coffee operators just want an an to share with their guests to make delicious coffee, and they really don't want to help parents take care of noisy children after work.

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