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Throw water! Why is it so difficult to drink Lucky Coffee on a rainy day!!!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Recently, heavy rains have occurred in many places in the southern region. Changsha, Wuhan and other places have been covered by a large amount of rain. Citizens are deeply troubled and basically go out through the water. Merchants along the street were also affected by the heavy rain, and water on the road spread into the stores, leaving workers thinking about it while doing it.

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Recently, many torrential rains in the south, Changsha, Wuhan and other places have been covered by a large number of Rain Water, citizens are deeply troubled, basically wading before going out. Merchants along the street were also affected by the torrential rain. The stagnant water on the road spread into the shops, and the workers had to find ways to lower the water level so that the appliances that could not be moved would be damaged by Rain Water, while standing in the water to make coffee for customers.

In the continuous days of Rain Water, the hard-working workers are in urgent need of caffeine to cheer up. However, the delivery fee for takeout on rainy days is not cheap, so many people choose to pick up a drink in the store, thinking of giving themselves some comfort to go to work and go to school in the heavy rain.

As a result, not long after I walked out of Lucky's store, the coffee in my hand fell out of the wet paper bag and fell into the pouring rain with a bang, and the whole drink was gone before I had a sip. Such "tragedies" will happen on rainy days, making many consumers feel that it is too difficult to pack a cup of lucky to go back to drink on a rainy day.

Lucky has always used paper materials to pack drinks, usually consumers do not have much controversy about this way, but will praise "environmental protection", but when it comes to rainy days, paper bags have become a pain point for the majority of users. According to the feedback on the social platform, many customers who bring their own drinks on rainy days have experienced coffee running away from home and watched helplessly that their money was wasted.

But some friends say that even without debuff on rainy days, Lucky's paper bags are not very durable. As long as you buy a cold drink, water droplets will appear on the wall of the cup, and the water vapor will stay in the bag. Over time, the average quality paper bag will gradually soften, and the coffee in the bag may be summoned by gravity and successfully escape from the bag.

Summer is the high incidence of Rain Water, walking on the road suddenly ushered in torrential rain is common, and in this weather Ruixing still uses paper bags to pack behavior that many consumers feel puzzled. They have suggested that Lucky should learn from other chain brands such as Manner and put a "plastic raincoat" on the paper bag when the rain comes, or directly switch to a packing bag made of other materials to avoid serious damage.

However, what makes customers helpless is that there are a lot of feedback and complaints about paper bags damaged by water on social platforms. Lucky shop assistants also say that they are frightened when it comes to rainy days and often receive bad comments about the wet and rotten bags. However, the brand seems to have refused to listen to the improvement of packing bags, and in the face of consumer complaints, it only asks the shop assistant to remake a cup or a refund of the order as an apology, but does not solve the fundamental problem reflected by the customer complaint.

It is undeniable that remaking a cup or refund, coupon and other compensation methods can make users who did not drink a sip of coffee due to damage to the paper bag feel better, but consumers think that Lucky should also listen to their demands more and consider the actual feelings of users. upgrade and transform paper bags that cannot bear the heavy burden of rainy days.

Lucky workers also hope that the brand can find a way to make these bags more durable, so that offline stores can have fewer complaints and poor reviews in this rainy summer.

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