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What is the difference between Dirty coffee and latte? Why does Dirty take a gulp? How to make dirty coffee?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, It can be said that there is no milk coffee more suitable for summer than Dirty! If there is, then don't say anything on the street! Compared with the iced latte, the contrast created by Dirty is more shocking. You can feel completely different contrasts with one bite, which is very wonderful. So there are many latte lovers in D

It can be said that there is no more suitable for summer milk coffee than Dirty! If there is, then the current street did not say!

Compared to the iced latte, the contrast created by Dirty is more shocking, and it is wonderful to feel different contrasts in one sip. So many lattes enthusiasts have defected to the Dirty camp since the year of the Dirty fire. But Qianjie is not saying that iced lattes are not as good as Dirty, but each has its own advantages ~ and the production of Dirty coffee is also very simple, just let the espresso liquid float on the milk.

Having said that, there are still a lot of friends who can't do a good Dirty at home, and the feeling of drinking is not as shocking as it is in a coffee shop. In fact, the reason is also very simple, that is, in the production, did not fully make the soul of Dirty coffee.

The soul of Dirty? Contrast is the soul of Dirty coffee. It is not only reflected in the appearance, milk and coffee temperature, taste need to have a sharp contrast. So if you want to make a good cup of Dirty, you not only need to layer the milk and coffee, but also make them have a huge difference in temperature and taste. Next, in front of the street, let's share how to make a good cup of Dirty coffee.

It can be said that the contrast of Dirty coffee is mainly caused by espresso. It can be said that the contrast of Dirty is introduced by espresso. Because the first thing we come into contact with when drinking Dirty is concentrated, then milk, so the taste of espresso is very important.

The important factor that determines the concentrated taste is the coffee beans used. The lighter the beans are roasted, the more sour the coffee tastes. The deeper the beans are roasted, the more bitter the coffee tastes. The main taste of milk is one word: "sweet", so the main taste of beans we have to choose is the opposite of it, "bitter". Qianjie will recommend the use of medium-and deep-roasted coffee beans, so that the extracted concentrate will not have obvious acid, will not have too strong bitterness, and the right bitter taste is enough to form a strong contrast with milk. at the same time, you will not frown when you taste concentrated because of too much bitterness.

Dirty Coffee requirements for milk milk is the only two production materials of Dirty, so the choice of milk is also very important. In order to make a sharp contrast with coffee, milk needs to go to the other "extreme".

If it is concentrated and bitter, then the milk will be sweet! The amount of substance in milk determines its rich degree. When the content of protein, fat, lactose and other substances is higher, the taste of milk will be sweeter and the density will be higher, which can better maintain the delamination effect with espresso. So in the choice of milk, the more full-bodied milk will produce more contrast Dirty coffee, in other words, Dirty will have a better performance. Of course, it is not recommended to be too extreme. When there is too much substance in milk, there will be a salty taste similar to cheese. When combined with rich concentration, it will have a certain burden to drink because the taste is too strong.

The second is temperature, temperature difference is a very important contrast of Dirty coffee. This is very easy to solve, concentrated hot, then the milk is cold! The milk stored in the refrigerator perfectly meets this demand, so we don't need to put too much thought into it. But to maintain the temperature of the milk, you need it! In addition to the density difference, temperature is also an important factor in determining the duration of delamination. If we don't want Dirty to lose its layering effect early, then the choice of cups is crucial.

When the cup is at room temperature, the milk will continue to draw temperature from the cup because of the lower temperature until its own temperature is similar to that of the cup. In other words, the use of the room temperature cup will accelerate the temperature of the milk, so we'd better refrigerate the cup before making Dirty, so that the Dirty can maintain the contrast performance for a long time.

Matters needing attention in production when we are ready for the material, we can start to combine it! It is said that it is a combination, in fact, it is concentrated and extracted on the milk, but it is also very skillful.

If the impact of the concentrated extract is too high, it will cause the coffee liquid to rush directly into the milk, fuse and evolve into an iced latte. Therefore, in order to place this situation, we need to shorten the distance between the concentration and the milk level, reduce the impact, so that we can form an obvious stratification effect! Apply the milk surface to the outlet of the espresso, or use a spoon against the milk level to eliminate the impact of concentration. These are all feasible methods. The specific use depends on your own choice ~-END-