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Starbucks launches new bagels! Tims is in jeopardy?!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Factory In recent years, bagels have been deeply loved by consumers due to their resilience and flavor, and have become an emerging coffee link. Chain brands such as Tims, Piye, seesaw and other brands have launched bagels, among which Ti, which focuses on "warm food + coffee"

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In recent years, bagel is deeply loved by consumers because of its toughness and flavor, and has become a new coffee pair. chain brands such as Tims, Piye, seesaw and other brands have launched bagels, among which Tims, which focuses on "warm food + coffee", has successfully won a lot of fans by virtue of its success.

Recently, the snack generation reported that Starbucks has also set its sights on China's bagel market and will launch its bagel series in early July. Because the bagel itself does not have much flavor and is ideal for making bagel sandwiches with other ingredients and sauces, Starbucks will put different stuffing in the North and launch four bagel products with different flavors for consumers to choose from.

According to the data, Starbucks briefly listed "bagels" (English translation as Bagel) as early as 2017, and stressed that it can be paired with the breakfast attributes of coffee. Recently, Starbucks launched bagels in South Korea, Japan and other places, winning praise from local consumers, which may be why Starbucks introduced bagels to Chinese stores.

But unlike before, Starbucks bagel products do not specifically emphasize the properties of supplementary breakfast sessions, especially thick egg and vegetable cheese bagel sandwiches and onion bacon bagel sandwiches with rich fillings, which may be able to cover more consumption periods and scenes. In terms of price, according to social media, Starbucks bagel products should be priced between 18 yuan and 26 yuan.

In this regard, Starbucks users are looking forward to this bagel product. Some customers said they had tried Starbucks bagels in other regions and had a good impression of the products. Once Starbucks is new in China, you can eat the bagel in your memory on your doorstep and have an extra breakfast choice.

It is understood that bagel has been on the rise since 2019, and related posts such as "bagel evaluation" and "bagel practice", which are often shared by netizens on social platforms, are popular baking favorites among young consumers. From this point of view, it is not difficult for Starbucks to include popular baking items on its menu and launch a range of products.

However, when it comes to the combination of bagel and coffee in the Chinese market, Tims, which is deeply bound to bagel, cannot be bypassed. Bagel has been the star product promoted by Tims since T entered China, and customers can choose a bagel as breakfast according to their preferences.

Judging from the public financial results of Tims, bagel sales have always been a part of offline store revenue, and Tims is confident that it will continue to add weight to bagels, such as launching more bagels that cater to market tastes, reducing set prices, etc., so that "bagel + coffee" will gradually come to the table of coffee lovers and replace the traditional soy milk Youtiao.

It can be said that with the early promotion of Tims in the Chinese market, and its deep ploughing, the development of bagels in line with the taste of Chinese consumers, so that it has its own fan group, forming a first-mover advantage. In terms of price, the overall price of Tims's bagel products is slightly lower than that of Starbucks, so Tims is still comfortable in the face of Starbucks joining bagel track.

However, some "bagel heads" said that if Starbucks' bagel products were not inferior to those of Tims, they might consider becoming a Starbucks fan instead. After all, in terms of the quality of bagel companion coffee, Starbucks still dominates in the minds of some consumers.

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