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Surprise! The highest-paid coffee shop brand turns out to be...

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Factory Some time ago, the National Bureau of Statistics announced the national average wage level in 2023. The average annual wage of non-private employees in urban areas across the country is 120698 yuan, and the average annual wage of employees in private units is 68340 yuan. youbo

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Some time ago, the National Bureau of Statistics announced the national average wage level in 2023, with an average annual salary of 120698 yuan for employees in non-private units in cities and towns and 68340 yuan for those employed in private units.

Some bloggers sorted out the monthly salary of baristas of a chain brand in a first-tier city on a recruitment platform, and found that the highest salary was not Starbucks or Lucky, which consumers are familiar with, but NIO, a coffee brand owned by the car brand Fulai, whose recruitment content is "9-13k 13 salary".

The blogger also found that the details of the recruitment did not specify the work of the staff in the store and the specific intensity of the work, and most of them were ambiguous descriptions, and it was difficult for candidates to know from the recruitment content what they would face once they took up the job.

For example, the position of barista in Lulai, which is the envy of netizens, although the pay is good, according to former employees, the recruitment details do not specify that there is a need for artists to watch. There is no need to do activities, take pictures, raise children, chat with guests, and other work content, and the specific work pressure can only be known through personal experience.

On the other hand, the work intensity of the chain brand should be on top of this. During the peak period, orders are constantly vomited from the receipt machine, and the coffee machines and beaters in the bar have to work for five or six hours in a row to complete each order and pack up the meal according to the customer's requirements. Many people reported that once the store opened, not to mention eating on time, they didn't even have time for a sip of water.

Such a high-intensity job should correspond to a high salary in the eyes of a small partner, but in fact it is not.

The average annual wages of employees in qq urban non-private units and urban private units were 131418 yuan and 80685 yuan respectively.

According to the recruitment platform, the average salary of domestic baristas was 5084 yuan in May this year. Recently, the median salary of baristas is 5000 yuan, and more than half of baristas earn between 4000 yuan and 6000 yuan, but this is only the recruitment-side salary given by the platform, and the actual income of baristas is hard to know.

In addition, many coffee chains on the recruitment platform are recruiting part-time barists. the hourly salary of part-time baristas in different urban areas ranges from 15 to 30 yuan, which is lower than 55 yuan per hour for hourly workers and 45 yuan for housekeeping aunts. So that some baristas might as well be a cleaning aunt.

On the other hand, when chain brands replace equipment with good performance and stable production, there is no need to think too much about the professionalism of baristas. Brands only need shop assistants to be able to repeat the beverage production process as efficiently as assembly line workers, so the salary set for coffee workers is usually not too high.

Under the background of the acceleration of the industry, many independent coffee shops that pay attention to the professionalism of baristas are facing greater business pressure, and some may not be able to protect themselves, so it is difficult for operators to give too much salary.

In addition, under the long-term education of low-cost users, more and more people drink coffee just to refresh themselves, which makes some consumers think that baristas do not need to be too professional, as long as they can operate machines to make basic coffee. In this environment, it will become more and more difficult for baristas to talk about promotion and high salary in their professional field.

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