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The more you drink, the more sleepy you get? Luckin Beer American is accused of having alcohol but not concentrated

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| On the first Monday of July in the daily boutique coffee culture magazine Coffee Workshop, Lucky used the entry #Lucky Beer #to rank second on the hot search, becoming one of the hot topics among netizens. It can be seen from official publicity that Lucky Co-branded with the domestic animation IP"Troubles in Heaven", and the design theme is

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On the first Monday of July, Rui Xing once ranked second in the most popular search with the entry "Ruixing Beer" and became one of the hot topics among netizens.

As can be seen from the official propaganda, Lucky and the domestic animation IP "wreak havoc in Heaven" this time, the design theme is this year's hot event of the French Olympic Games, a variety of themes around, limited cold drink cups and so on have grasped the preferences of the surrounding collection party, and the triumphant wheat series launched to cater to the theme has surprised lucky fans even more.

Featuring "Coffee + Beer", this series is another coffee drink associated with wine after Maotai latte and hot red wine. But unlike the Maotai series "only smell the wine but not drink it", in addition to beer-flavor syrup, each new product has added authentic non-alcoholic beer, so that consumers can truly experience the unique flavor of coffee and beer.

Throughout the various coffee brands, there have been many attempts to integrate beer and coffee, but it is rare for Ruixing to add beer directly to coffee, and officials have repeatedly stressed that the series has added non-alcoholic beer with low alcohol content before the new product is put on shelves. for the sake of safe driving, drivers are not advised to drink it. Many netizens who like freshness have been aroused curiosity by Ruixing's operation and tried to issue orders at the first time.

As can be seen from the production videos on social platforms, the Triumph wheat series is divided into American-style drinks and lattes, which are very different in production. Latte style is more in line with the expectations of the public, adding non-alcoholic beer on the basis of beer-flavor latte.

In order to pursue the bubble feeling of beer, the American style has replaced pure water with bubble water. Perhaps to avoid "explosion" after bubbling water comes into contact with hot espresso, this drink uses a preconditioned liquid made of cloud powder and freeze-dried coffee powder, which can increase the taste of the beverage. Cryopreserved preconditioned liquid can also effectively avoid the "cracking" effect of the drink.

However, this glass of beer is not very friendly for office workers who need caffeine to refresh themselves. Many workers who have tried it think that the new product is not so much a cup of coffee with beer, it is more like a beer with a faint flavor of coffee, "sleeping in a meeting in the afternoon", "drinking in the morning" and "drunk in the morning".

Alcohol-sensitive groups reported that they had a cup of alcohol on their head, "dizzy after drinking" and "had a headache all afternoon." Office workers said that they wanted to buy a cup of coffee to refresh themselves, but they never expected that the effect of drinking beer in American style would be the opposite. The dual buff of low caffeine and alcohol made people more and more sleepy, making them unable to help shouting "not suitable for office workers."

However, some netizens pointed out that although Ruixing's beer coffee, which focuses on real experience, is not suitable for diligently beating workers in the office, if you drink it at night, you may not have to worry about being unable to sleep over coffee.

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