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Members were "charged" by bosses for not knowing coffee?!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop If you discover a good shop and drink a good cup of coffee, your friends will more or less share it with their friends. This is the case with a blogger on the social platform. From time to time, she would take her friends to check in and taste the treasure shop she found

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If you visit a good shop and drink a good cup of coffee, your friends will more or less share it with your friends. This is the case with a blogger on a social platform.

From time to time, she would take her friends to sign in at the treasure store she had found and taste all kinds of drinks in the store. Because she liked the list, she posted an Amway post on the platform to share it with more coffee lovers. In addition, frequent patrons have recharged 8400 yuan in more than a year, which is undoubtedly a supporter of the store.

But recently the blogger posted that he didn't want to go to the coffee shop again and asked the owner to return the balance in his membership card. The decision was not on the spur of the moment for the blogger, who said she had been caught by the store three times and listed her "crime" in the store group for the third time: she didn't know coffee, the people she brought didn't know coffee, and she went to visit coffee shops and sign in all day.

Customers who were hurt by the shopkeeper's remarks suddenly felt that they had made a mistake in payment over the past year, so they chose to refund and stop the loss in time.

After the post was sent out, there was a heated discussion among everyone. People with similar experiences expressed empathy in the comments area, and they could very well understand how the protagonist of the story was stabbed in the back of the shopkeeper. I do not agree that the shopkeeper takes "whether he knows coffee" as a standard to divide guests into three, six or nine grades and treat them differently.

People who push open the door of a cafe, in addition to those who know something about coffee, there are also some people who are just curious about coffee. They may not understand the technical terms or flavor description. Just from a diner's point of view to judge whether the drink suits their own taste and tastes good or not.

A netizen who drank coffee because of a friend in the comment area said that she only ordered milk coffee every time she went to the store, and the barista in the store would tell her the beans she used today before making them. Once she confessed to others that she didn't know anything about coffee and couldn't tell the difference between each cup of milk coffee. She didn't understand why she was introduced to her again and again.

The barista said he didn't care whether the guests understood or not, and in his eyes, his sharing was more like a guide, which might allow guests to find their favorite beans one day through the changes in the taste of milk coffee. Such a move is extremely easy to make customers who do not know about coffee have a good impression, and may be willing to take the initiative to explore the wonders of coffee because of the patient professional introduction.

Another coffee owner who has worked for seven years also believes that the focus of a cup of coffee is that it tastes good, not who is nobler than the other, and whether you know coffee or not should not be a criterion. Baristas can show customers the professional world of coffee, but they should also understand that some consumers just use coffee as a pastime.

After all, the difference in flavor and quality of coffee beans is one of the jobs of coffee practitioners, but it is not a standard that consumers should meet.

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