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Falling openly and rising secretly?! Starbucks starts charging additional takeout and packaging fees!!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Today, Starbucks China announced that the service charging method for special satellite delivery will be adjusted, and the delivery fee will be reduced from the previous 9 yuan per order to 7 yuan. At the same time, some products such as drinks and sandwiches have begun to charge a packaging fee of 1 yuan per item, and the packaging fee is 2 yuan per order.

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Today, Starbucks China announced that the charging method for special star delivery services will be adjusted, reducing the distribution fee to 7 yuan per order from 9 yuan before. At the same time, prizes for some goods, such as drinks and sandwiches, began to charge a packing fee of 1 yuan per item, which was capped at 2 yuan per order.

This adjustment operation makes netizens confused. Many customers say that if they place an order for two drinks, the distribution fee and packing fee are actually no different from the original, which is still 9 yuan. But if you order only one drink, it will be 1 yuan cheaper than before.

A small change may not seem to have much impact, but for some users, the move of charging a packing fee may dissuade them from placing orders through dedicated star delivery.

According to the introduction of Starbucks regular users, there are different freight-free activities in different parts of the country. In some areas, delivery is free for a certain period of time, while in some areas, as long as the order amount reaches the threshold, the distribution fee can be exempted, so many members do not have to worry about the distribution fee when actually paying the takeout order, and there is little difference between the price of a takeout and the price of the store. By comparison, the new policy will add an extra 1 to 2 yuan.

However, from today on, in addition to the official occasional free shipping activities, there are only two ways for members to save distribution fees: orders need to meet the free shipping threshold or exchange free coupons with the accumulated stars of the account. And these two ways only reduce the distribution fee of the order, and users still have to pay the packing fee. In other words, customers will pay at least 1 yuan as long as they place an order through a special star.

In order to save distribution fees and packing fees, many consumers turn to third-party platforms to place orders, hoping to reduce the service costs of orders by taking advantage of the preferential activities of the platform.

When it comes to payment, it is found that although the third-party platform can waive the distribution fee of 7 yuan with preferential discounts, it still can not escape the packing fee of the order. Based on the platform rules, the packing fee of the order is not capped, so if there are too many products in the takeout order, the packing fee paid on the third-party platform may be higher than the distribution fee.

In fact, it is very common for the catering industry to adjust distribution fees and packing fees. In February this year, KFC cut the distribution fee for express delivery and began to charge consumers for packing. Tea brands such as Xi Cha, a little bit, etc., will also charge users relevant service fees according to the number of products in takeout orders and switching to thermal bags.

From this point of view, Starbucks' fee adjustment for delivery services may also be for the same purpose. According to the Southern Metropolis Daily, Starbucks not only changed the charging method, but also set up special sunscreen cup lids and special delivery boxes for special stars, and implemented hot and cold separation and distribution, and took a number of measures to improve the quality of delivery service.

In addition, the report pointed out that on the whole, Starbucks' additional packing fee does not have much impact on consumers, but it may prompt consumers to change their mind to go to the restaurant or bring it up to the store in order to avoid being charged for beverage packing.

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