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How to make iced coffee by hand? Can ice hand punch out the flavor of flowers and fruits?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, Iced drink is something that is difficult to give up in summer no matter what, and hand-brewed coffee is no exception. In the eyes of most of us, the requirement for a good cup of ice cream is actually not high, just that it is cool enough without losing the coffee flavor it deserves. But if you want to make iced coffee have a sweet and sour taste like fruit juice,

Ice drink, a thing that is difficult to give up in summer, and hand coffee is no exception.

In the eyes of most of us, the requirement for a good ice hand is not high, which is cool enough without losing the flavor of the coffee. But if you want iced coffee to taste as sour and sweet as juice, Qianjie thinks you need to master a little skill.

Which coffee bean has better juice?

There are many kinds of acid in coffee, and the acid in many boutique coffee is often inseparable from fruit acid. For example, in the flavor wheel, we use a variety of common fruits to describe the sour type of coffee, such as citrus acid, citric acid, malic acid, cherry acid, gluconic acid, malic acid. Different fruit acidity also reflects the local characteristics of coffee from different producing areas.

In terms of picking coffee beans, Qianjie believes that we might as well start with the producing areas of Africa, Central and South America, and give priority to the types of juicy fruits that tend to describe flavor.

If you can drink acid, you can choose Kenyan water washing, which can drink rich flavors of small tomatoes, black plums and black brin. if you like sweet and sour taste, you can choose Alida Manor, which has the fruit characteristics of peaches, red grapes and berries. if you like the bright and refreshing type, you can choose Essel coffee beans washed in water, which is easier to rinse out the acidity of lemon, apple and pomelo.

Here Qianjie chose a new Kafa Forest to demonstrate. This coffee bean is washed and has a light white flower aroma, as well as the juicy taste of sweet orange, dried apricot, peach, green jelly, yellow lemon and other fruits.

How to flush out a cup of juicy ice hands?

As to what parameters should be used for ice hand flushing, Qianjie mentioned a formula in an article two months ago: ice hand punch = coffee powder (fine grinding) + 10 times hot water + 5 times ice cubes. Take 15 grams of coffee powder per person as an example, 10 times hot water requires 150 grams, and 5 times ice cubes is 75 grams.

Here, combined with the medium and shallow roasted coffee beans of fruit acid type, we match the water temperature of 91 °C to 93 °C, small water circle injection and three-stage method, so that the extraction time is between 1 minute and 50 seconds to 2 minutes. you can easily brew out a pot of iced coffee with online flavor.

The feeling of fruit juice in coffee is usually the rich fruit aroma smelled combined with the sour, sweet and juicy taste in the mouth, reminiscent of the experience of eating a certain fruit. When we put it into our ice hand theme today, it is not only to obtain the sour substances in the front, but also to pursue the sweet part in the middle and back, in order to satisfy the sweet and sour taste of fruit juice. And such a requirement, only rely on the current of mixing is not enough, so the front street also added an action: stirring.

Ice hand flushing parameters: coffee beans: Esser water washing card method forest powder: 160g powder / water ratio: 1:10 (160g hot water) ice: 80g grinding degree: EK43s scale 9.5g (C40 falls in about 22 squares) filter cup: Hario V60 three-stage type: 30g, 90g + stirring, 40g

Before filling the water, put the ice in the sharing pot and pour in all the coffee powder. The first stage of steaming remains the same, keeping a small flow of water injecting 30g from the center to the outside.

After 30 seconds, start to inject 90 grams of hot water in a circle with large water, raise the water level at the same time, stop the injection when the timing scale shows 120 grams, draw 5 times along the wall of the filter cup with a small spoon, and then wait for the coffee liquid to flow down slowly.

Wait until the water in the filter cup is about to reach the bottom, and then fill the remaining 40 grams of hot water in a small circle with the first section of water, which takes about 1 minute and 25 seconds. Until all the coffee drops are finished, the filter cup can be removed to finish the extraction, and the time will probably fall in the time range of 1 minute 55 seconds to 2 minutes 5 seconds. Finally, shake the sharing pot until the ice melts into the coffee liquid, and you can begin to taste it.

This method of washing card taste is very refreshing, the entrance first feels like yellow peach, sweet orange, grapefruit, as a whole tends to yellow drupe flavor. Due to the addition of stirring action, the coffee is not only rich in acid, but also has a clear sweet feeling, and under the cooling of the ice, it is like drinking a cup of refreshing sweet juice.


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