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1 yuan ice cup is full of water! Mixue Ice City stores are urgently removed from shelves!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop This summer, it should be the "ice cup" to use the most popular heat-saving item. An ice cup, as the name suggests, is a cup of edible ice cubes. Friends just need to go to a convenience store and buy an ice cup. When they get home, they can add soda and fruits to the cup by themselves.

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When it comes to using the most popular items to reduce summer heat this summer, it should be an ice cup.

An ice cup, as its name implies, is an edible ice cube. As long as you go to the convenience store to buy an ice cup, when you get home, you can add soda, juice, coffee, and so on, to get a cold drink that can make you feel happy.

Therefore, ice cups that greatly save ice-making time have become hot-selling products in convenience stores and supermarkets, as well as business opportunities for brands. In addition to various brand chains of convenience stores, Box Horse,, Nongfu Mountain Spring and so on also joined the ice cup track.

Under the increasingly fierce market competition, the originally ordinary ice cups have more flavors such as strawberries and lemons in the whole work of the brand, and some ice cups have also added green oranges and orange slices, so that the price of ice cups is gradually rising. It is understood that the price of the original ice cup is about 3 yuan, while the price of other ice cups is on the high side, some even more than 10 yuan, causing some netizens to complain about the price of ice cups.

As a result, the Honey Snow Ice City, which is also focused on the ice cup market, launched the 1-yuan "Snow King Ice Cup" nationwide yesterday at the call of its fans.

According to the official poster, the Snow King Ice Cup uses the store's 600ml packing cup, which is full of weight and cheap, causing fans to chant "Snow Ice City rectify the ice cup market" and rush to place an order to buy a few cups to take home to experience the joy of homemade drinks.

However, when they arrived at the offline store, some people found that the staff did not know the new products on the shelves or the production standards of ice cups; some people found that the price of ice cups was different from official propaganda, and the actual payment for an ice cup was 2 yuan; some people said that as soon as they placed an order, the manager immediately removed the ice cups from the shelves and stopped selling them. Some people notice that the ice cubes in their hands have melted into water after receiving the ice cups from takeout.

For a time, consumers posted feedback on their experience of buying ice cups in stores, the complaints about the snow king ice cup on the platform gradually increased, "if you don't want to buy the snow king ice cup, don't push it", "the agreed 1 yuan snow king ice cup", "Why is my ice cup full of water", "Honey Snow Ice City you backstab me".

In the current ice cup fire, Honey Snow Ice City launched the ice cup not only in line with the current market demand, but also successfully won the love of the majority of consumers with low prices, but according to employees, the official did not notify in advance of the new, and did not seem to communicate with the franchisee first, which led to a lot of offline stores.

Franchisees said that the cost of the snow king ice cup is not only visible packaging materials, but also the water and electricity consumption and time cost of making ice cubes. After some calculation, each ice cup leaves little profit to the merchant, and may even ask the store to post the money upside down.

And once the store starts selling ice cups, it may make the ice machine "in short supply", thus affecting the production of other drinks. In addition, many businesses are also worried that with this new product, consumers will buy ice cups and go home to make themselves, thus affecting the beverage sales and turnover of the stores.

So since last night, many offline stores have removed snow king ice cups from various platforms, while a small number of stores have reduced losses by raising ice cup prices.

For the reaction of netizens around the situation, Honeysnow Ice City customer service said that at present, the ice cup has just been put on the shelves, and the price and weight of many stores are still being adjusted. If the customer encounters a situation that is inconsistent with what he wants, he can make a feedback complaint. ‍‍‍

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