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Is it a problem of taste that not being able to taste coffee? Why is it difficult to perceive the flavor of coffee too strong?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, Sometimes, not being able to taste the flavor of coffee may be because you have not understood the essence. It may also be that some factors in brewing make the flavor not have a good space to display and the sense of existence is too weak, which makes it difficult for you to perceive the flavor in the coffee. Good! So Qianjie will come and share today, what factors will hinder coffee makers

Sometimes, the fact that you can't taste the coffee may not mean that you don't realize the essence. It may also be that there is no good display space for the flavor due to some factors in brewing, and the sense of existence is too weak, which makes it difficult for you to perceive the flavor in the coffee.

good! So Qianjie today to share, what factors will hinder the coffee flavor "display", you can refer to, to see which are their own minefields, the right medicine can be improved!

First, the concentration is too high when we pursue a high concentration of coffee for the sake of taste, it is easy to show that the flavor of coffee is not obvious. Because to extract a high concentration of coffee means raising the powder-to-water ratio and reducing the amount of hot water injected, so that there is more coffee in the same weight of liquid! Although this gives the coffee a higher concentration and stronger taste, it also means that the coffee is more concentrated, because it equates to the compression of the space in which the substance exists, so that the concentration can be higher.

So for people who don't drink espresso very often, it is difficult to distinguish the flavor of coffee at this time. When the concentration is too concentrated, it is difficult for our taste buds and olfactory nerves to clearly identify each flavor, so they simply mix all the flavors together and package them to the brain, and then some coffee flavors are not prominent enough. and it's easy to ignore. For example, it's like trying to find one of your friends in a crowded scene. So when we drink coffee, if it is difficult to feel the flavor in the mouth, but after swallowing the coffee, the taste will be very obvious, then it is probably that the coffee is too strong to run away.

If you think that such a cup of coffee is difficult to swallow because the concentration is too high, or because you can't feel the flavor, you can choose to mix the hot water of 10~20ml into the coffee and dilute the concentration, so that the flavor can have more space and be perceived more easily.

Second, it's too good! If we use a high extraction efficiency when brewing coffee, it will be easy to release the unpleasant bitterness, astringency and miscellaneous smell. Whether it is bitter or mixed taste, they all have a very high "expressive force", and it is easy to mask the characteristics of other positive flavors. So when the coffee is too extractive, the flavor becomes difficult to perceive because of the negative taste.

There is no need to talk about this situation in front of the street, everyone can think of how to solve it! Water temperature, grinding, powder-to-water ratio, time, washing and cooking techniques are all extraction parameters that can be controlled. When the extraction efficiency is too high, we only need to slightly reduce the value of some parameters to reduce the over-extraction.

Third, beans are too fresh as we all know, freshly baked coffee beans not only have a huge amount of carbon dioxide, but also make the coffee itself with a certain sense of dryness, affecting our experience. If the flavor of a cup of coffee is light, does not stand out, and feels stuck in the throat after drinking it, then it is likely that the coffee beans are too fresh.

In this case, pre-grinding powder or raising beans is a good exhaust choice! Raising beans is more recommended in Qianjie, which can greatly reduce the instability during cooking.

Fourth, making coffee with tap water recently mentioned quite a lot of tap water! Because, the influence of water quality on coffee extraction is really great. Water quality refers to the mineral content in the water, which contains an appropriate amount of minerals will contribute to the extraction of coffee flavor substances, but excessive will become an obstacle to the extraction, resulting in the coffee flavor is not obvious, the taste is thin, hollow and other negative conditions. While the mineral content of tap water in most areas is relatively high, when we use these unfiltered tap water for brewing, we will reduce the extracted flavor substances, and there are not many flavor substances in coffee. Naturally, it is difficult to feel by tasting.

So generally speaking, you still need to pay attention to the water used to make coffee! Mineral water prepared by yourself, sold in supermarkets, or installed with a filtration system for tap water can effectively improve this problem. OK, that's it. You can refer to it. If there are some factors that have not been pointed out in front of the street, you can also send private messages backstage. Next time, you will be more advanced!