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What is the "scam" caused by espresso grease? Is the richer the oil, the better? Is Crema a bubble?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, As we all know, espresso coffee has a beautiful golden oil on the surface. This layer of oil is not only the exclusive feature of pressurized extraction, but also a major contributor to the "aroma and flavor" of espresso coffee. But I believe you have often read such an entry on the Internet: "The grease of espresso is a game

It is well known that espresso has a beautiful golden grease on its surface. This layer of oil is not only a unique feature of pressurized extraction, but also a major contributor to the "aroma and flavor" of espresso. But I believe that people have often brushed such an entry on the Internet: "the fat of espresso is a hoax!"

"what happened to grease! who did it fool?! does the scam mean that many people are tempted to drink espresso because the grease looks so delicious?" This is a question that many people will ask when they see the entry (I made it up! ), so what is the truth? Fine! Today, Sherlock Holmes Front Street is going to reveal who the grease, as the "protagonist", has deceived.

Oil "scam" 1: it is not grease although this layer of golden substance has been called grease for a long time, but in fact, this layer of material is not grease!

With the birth of the pressurized coffee machine, coffee, like game characters, has a new "skin" blessing. Under the pressurized extraction of the coffee machine, carbon dioxide will be filled with the lipids that seep out of the coffee, forming countless small bubbles, and when these bubbles seep out, they will become a thick, dense appearance. They are what we now call grease. But in fact, this is only an image created by countless bubbles, not grease in the real sense. Because the characteristics of this layer of bubbles, whether standing or shaking, look like cream, people at that time gave it the name "Crema". In Spanish, Crema means cream, so the name meant coffee cream at the time.

However, due to cultural differences, the term was mistaken for "cream-like oil", so this layer of bubbles has been known as "grease" to this day. It is precisely because of the word grease that many people have a certain ambiguity in their understanding of it, so this is the first "scam" of grease. Although we all know that this layer of substance is a bubble and its name is Crema, under the imperceptible influence of many years, grease has become its representative name, so we don't need to change it specially, we just need to have a superficial understanding of its cause.

Oil "scam" 2: the more oil, the better because the oil contains fine powder, as well as the aroma of coffee. So the existence of oil can make coffee have more abundant aroma and more mellow taste. From this point of view, oil will bring certain benefits to coffee, so it is a positive existence. Since it is positive, then there will naturally be friends who think that the more the better! For example: the thicker the coffee oil, the more blessings you will give, and the better the coffee will be; or the idea that the thick fat will look better when you pull the flowers, and so on. But in fact, the more grease, the better! And this is the second "scam" brought about by grease.

Want to extract more rich oil is a very simple thing! The main components of oils are carbon dioxide and coffee lipids. The more carbon dioxide in the bean, the richer the coffee oil extracted. We can do this by deepening the roasting of coffee beans, or by using freshly baked coffee beans! Because they all have a considerable amount of carbon dioxide (deep-baked beans will have other substances that can increase the thickness of the oil, but mainly carbon dioxide). Another factor that can increase the grease thickness of coffee is to change the variety of extracted coffee beans from Arabica to Robsta, because Robusta will have fewer lipids than Arabica! Yes, it's because it's less. Although the lipids of coffee beans are an important part of the oil, too abundant it will make it difficult to form the oil. So although Robusta has less lipids, it can extract more abundant coffee oil.

But as mentioned earlier, more fat doesn't mean coffee tastes better. Fresh coffee beans will make the coffee feel dry, and deep-roasted coffee will have a more bitter taste (not to mention the deep-roasted Robbota)! These are some of the negative effects of increasing grease. In addition, the fine powder in the fat will bring more mellow taste to the coffee, but it is based on the right amount. The fine powder itself will have a certain bitter taste, and when there is too much, it will lead to obvious bitterness in the coffee. In the case of too much oil, it will also accelerate the speed of elimination, resulting in a certain hindrance to pull flowers. So whatever it is, it explains that the more grease, the better. To sum up, we know why the oil of espresso is called a "hoax", because it brings so much misunderstanding! More! La!