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After queuing for 2 hours, Blue Bottle Coffee walked out of Shanghai and opened a store in Shenzhen!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Yesterday, Blue Bottle Coffee officially opened its ninth store, sitting in Shenzhen Vientiane Tiandi, which is also the brand's first store in South China. The store design was created by COLLEC, a young architect team from China Hong Kong, who cooperated for the first time

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Yesterday, Blue bottle Coffee official announced the opening of the 9th official store, located in Shenzhen Vientiane, which is also the brand's first store in South China.

The store is designed by COLLECTIVE, a team of young architects from Hong Kong, China, who collaborated for the first time. The store integrates the concept of Shenzhen's future city to create a "blue imagination related to the sea" space.

Stepping into the store, the first floor is the coffee making area, and the second floor is the customer's enjoyment area. Many customers who sign in have the impression that the whole store is "blue everywhere". Bars, shelf display cabinets, stairs, tables and chairs, etc., can see different shades of blue in line with the ocean theme.

It is worth mentioning that, in response to the infinite reverie for the future, the brand for the first time used new resin materials to cast gray-blue desktops and seats in stores, supplemented by a mix of log-colored furniture, complementary to the overall cold tone, adding a bright and warm.

The biggest difference between Shenzhen stores and Blue bottle's other existing stores is that there is the first blue filter cup exclusively limited by the brand in the store, and the filter cup is limited to be used and sold in Shenzhen stores.

In the public impression, the coffee filter cups of blue bottles are all pure white cups with classic logo. Even if they jointly launch limited models with other brands, they do not change the color of the filter cups. But this time the bottle on the limited filter cup was replaced with white, and the blue, which symbolizes the ocean, became the main color.

It was a working day yesterday, but judging from the sharing of netizens on social platforms, there were a lot of people waiting in line early, some of whom came from nearby cities to clock in to witness the opening of the first store in South China.

According to the feedback from consumers on the spot, the line once lined up from inside to outside the store after opening, and the overall time to buy a cup of coffee was about one to two hours. In the evening, the number of people waiting in line at the store dropped sharply, and the time for customers to pick up meals was greatly shortened. Some users said they could get their drinks more than ten minutes after placing an order.

Today, netizens posted that there was no sign of queuing at the door of the new Blue bottle store, and the meal could be picked up five minutes after the order was placed.

It is worth noting that the customers who participated in the queue pointed out that in addition to the admiring enthusiasts, there was also a small number of scalpers in the queue yesterday. Some people said that when they passed by the store, they were asked if they needed to buy coffee, surrounding areas, etc., while others said they saw a small number of scalpers wandering around the store.

Last year, when Blue bottle opened a flash store in Shenzhen, it was welcomed by local enthusiasts, and the queue time during the peak period was probably more than an hour. At that time, some netizens called on the brand to turn the pop-up store into a regular store, but in the end, this expectation was not realized. Therefore, local fans are overjoyed that Blue bottle first chose to step into Shenzhen after coming out of Shanghai.

According to the Internet, Blue bottle Coffee may be settled in Taiguri of Chengdu and Vientiane City of Xi'an. At present, the news in Chengdu Taiguli has high credibility, and the location of the store has been shown on a certain platform. It remains to be seen what style of stores the "one store, one design" blue bottle coffee will bring in other cities and whether it will speed up the expansion process.

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