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Too old? The 26-year-old interview for Ruixing Coffee was rejected!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Factory Yesterday, Gongfu Financial reported that a job seeker posted that he was asked about his age during an interview with Ruixing. After learning that he was 26 years old, the store manager said that the age did not meet the requirements and needed to be young and energetic. People, afraid of a generation gap when talking to them. This post was released

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Yesterday, Gongfu Financial reported that a job seeker posted that he had been asked about his age during an interview with Ruixing. The store manager learned that he was 26 years old and said that his age did not meet the requirements, and that he needed young and energetic people who were afraid of a generation gap in talking to them.

After the post was released, it was hotly discussed by netizens and attracted the attention of the brand. Lucky customer service contacted the client and apologized, saying that he would focus on educating the store manager and paying attention to the store situation, as well as giving him a performance penalty. At the same time, Lucky compensated the client for two free coffee coupons.

In the video, Gongfu Finance called Ruixing store, and the employees interviewed said that the age limit proposed by the joint venture store during recruitment was decided by each store. As for why the age limit is between 18 and 25, the employee said he was not aware of any special meaning. Ruixing headquarters customer service said that the recruitment requirements for baristas in direct stores are made by the headquarters, but the age limit is not included.

For a long time, Lucky posted barista recruitment messages on various platforms everywhere. Some of the announcements do not specify the age requirements, but some stores explicitly mention that employees should be between 18 and 35 years old. In the actual interview process, more than one job seeker reported that he had lost the opportunity to join Lucky because of his age.

In fact, netizens generally said that the phenomenon that there is an age limit for candidates does not exist only in Ruixing, Cudy and Manner will also have requirements on the age of employees, and there is a similar phenomenon in the tea industry. Concubine Tea and Xi Tea will also choose young candidates when recruiting.

According to the information of the recruitment platform and the reaction of netizens, most of the existing beverage stores require employees to be between 18 and 35 years old, and some stores will limit the upper age limit to 30 years old. In the interview process, some job seekers said that the interviewer may be more stringent on the age requirements of the employee, "more than 25 will not be recruited."

Most of the workers in the tea and beverage industry need to stand for a long time and constantly make drinks during peak hours, which is an intense and stressful physical job, which the older people may not be able to bear. And young people are relatively easy to accept new things, can quickly familiarize themselves with bar operation, remember recipes, etc., and their personal image is also more suitable for popular things such as coffee and milk tea, which is conducive to promoting the brand image.

Considering many factors such as physical condition and personal image, interviewers tend to choose candidates who are young and physically fit.

In addition, the arrival of the graduation season means an increase in the number of young people looking for jobs, some of whom think of coffee shops, milk tea shops and other places to shake drinks, while Ruixing, which has nearly 20,000 stores, holds a large number of jobs and occupies the initiative in the workplace. You can set a threshold to select employees who meet the requirements.

For business managers, they may want "more cost-effective" social rookies than 26-year-old job seekers with work experience.

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