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Cowardly and weak? Lucky was negatively labeled when a girl interviewed?!

Published: 2024-07-21 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Factory Recently, a job seeker who went to Ruixing for an interview posted that they had failed the interview and were labeled negatively. According to the poster, she was fully prepared for the questions given by HR before the interview, but the store manager did not ask questions after arriving, but chatted with herself normally

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Recently, job seekers who went to Lucky's interview posted that they had not passed the interview and were labeled with a negative label.

According to the poster, she was well prepared for the questions given by HR before the interview, but the store manager did not ask questions when she arrived, but chatted with herself normally. Although it was different from the expected interview process, she felt that she was proactive throughout the process, thinking that she should be able to make a good impression.

Unexpectedly, the candidate not only failed, but also got an incomprehensible evaluation-"inexperienced, timid and weak". In the eyes of job seekers, the description given by the staff is extremely inconsistent with their performance that day.

She posted her experience on the social platform, but unexpectedly the post was followed by a large number of netizens, and also attracted the staff of Ruixing to contact her to delete the post. After she refused the request and refused to answer Ruixingfang's phone, the staff contacted her family instead and requested to delete the post.

Yesterday, the bonfire video called Ruixing customer service about this matter, and the other party said that there would be a special person to reply to matters related to the interview, and there were two modes of direct operation and joint venture in the store, so the judgment criteria adopted by the interviewers would be different. The staff of the store should also be consulted for the details of the interview.

First, a 26-year-old girl was considered too old to apply for a job, and then # a woman interviewed Rui Xing was labeled with a negative label #. In just a few days, two hot searches related to the interview appeared one after another, not only causing dissatisfaction among job seekers, but also drawing attention from all walks of life to this coffee chain.

A few days ago, Lucky opened its 20000 store on a trial basis, and the scale of the store is second to none in China, which also means that the company needs a large number of employees to assist in the normal operation of the store.

As long as Ruixing issues a recruitment announcement, many people who need to work will take the initiative to submit their resumes, hoping to be selected by enterprises to become baristas at the bar. It can be said that in the relationship between employers and employees, enterprises take the initiative, and young people who meet the requirements can be examined and selected from a large number of job seekers.

However, Ruixing, which has two store models, does not have a unified standard on recruitment requirements. The staff of the directly operated stores are recruited by the headquarters, and the requirements are also put forward by the headquarters, while the recruitment requirements of the associated stores are decided by the franchisees themselves. When it comes to the offline interview, the staff responsible for the interview may still play on the spot and raise the entry threshold again.

A netizen in the comment area shared his experience: "when I went to Ruixing's group interview last time, I didn't want undergraduate students, college students, those without academic qualifications, the older ones, and the younger ones. At that time, there were dozens of people sitting in a room, and there was a stack of lists that had been dropped by pass."

Another job seeker with work experience said that during the interview with Rui Xing, "as soon as I brought a hearing aid and immediately told me not to come and wait for three or four days, I was told that the hearing aid was not decorated in the coffee, so I didn't want it." this unpleasant experience made job seekers very angry and thought that Rui Xing Fang's refusal was disrespectful.

In fact, failing the interview is the most common situation on the way to find a job, but netizens think that companies can use euphemistic and mild words when pointing out the inappropriateness of job seekers. instead of using ambiguous terms such as "timid and weak" or "26-year-old afraid of a generation gap" to reject people who prepare for the interview.

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