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How to store coffee powder? How long will the taste period remain after the coffee beans are ground? What should I pay attention to when using coffee powder?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, As we all know, when coffee beans are ground into powder, flavor substances will be rapidly lost due to the increased surface area in contact with air. Basically, the taste viewing period will be shortened to about half of that before grinding, which means that the coffee must be drunk in a shorter time, otherwise the flavor substances in the coffee powder will be lost.

As we all know, when coffee beans are ground into powder, the surface area of contact with air will increase, resulting in the rapid loss of flavor substances. Basically, the taste period will be shortened to about half of what it is when it is not ground, which means that the coffee should be finished in a shorter time, otherwise the flavor in the coffee powder will be lost and the coffee with full flavor will not be made eventually. That's why most cafes, including Front Street, recommend freshly ground coffee beans. However, some friends are puzzled. Even though most people know that the coffee made from pre-ground powder is not as good as freshly ground coffee powder, they still choose to make coffee instead of grinding powder.

It is very simple, because the grinding powder also has the advantage of grinding powder. In addition to the short taste period and less excellent flavor, the advantages of grinding powder are more. Next, let's share with Qianjie, what are the advantages of grinding powder?

What are the advantages of grinding powder? Convenience: convenience is the biggest advantage of grinding powder. Some friends do not want to be equipped with a bean grinder at home or when they are away from home. Even if it is a hand mill, constantly shaking can make the body feel tired, which is both time-consuming and laborious.

On the other hand, the grinding powder does not need too much work, which is not only easy to carry, but also does not need to be made painstakingly, which is the first advantage of grinding powder.

Uniform grinding: as an important item second only to beans, the quality of the bean grinder determines the uniformity of the coffee powder during grinding and the final taste of the coffee. The reason why many friends choose to substitute grinding is because their own bean grinder grinding out of too much fine powder, easy to cause blockage, resulting in coffee over-extraction. On the other hand, the generation mill of the coffee shop basically uses a high-quality bean grinder, and the grinding particles will be more uniform. Therefore, instead of drinking the exquisite bitter coffee, it is better to drink it a little harder and finish the grinding powder in a short period of time.

Therefore, it can be seen that the benefits of grinding powder are still more. However, if you really want to feel the flavor, Qianjie still recommends buying a high-performance bean grinder. It is best to grind it now. However, it should be noted that coffee beans will not only affect the duration of taste after being ground into powder. Its storage and use have also changed due to changes in shape, so let's share some matters needing attention in the use of pre-grinding powder in Qianjie.

First, to stir evenly before use, no matter what the price of the bean grinder, the coffee powder is not absolutely uniform. So the size of a packet of coffee powder will be not only large, but also small. If we shake the bag of coffee powder in this case, or if the bump of the vehicle during transportation vibrates the bag of coffee powder, then the Brazilian fruit effect will begin to work. The Brazil fruit effect will cause the large particles in the bag of coffee powder to run to the top, and the fine particles to accumulate at the bottom.

If we take out the coffee powder directly without stirring, the first coffee powder will be the large particles stacked on the top layer, and the coffee with large particles will lack some layering. The farther down, the coffee powder will be finer and finer, and the finer the coffee powder will be, the more likely it will cause blockage and eventually make the coffee over-extract. So before using it, we'd better stir it with a spoon, mix the fine particles at the bottom with the large particles at the top, and then cook them.

Note that although the taste period is greatly shortened after the seal is ground into powder, this does not mean that coffee powder can be stored at will. Just like coffee beans, light, high temperature, oxygen and humidity all accelerate the loss of coffee flavor. So when we store, we try to use sealed cans, or seal the bags (friends can choose to pack them separately), and then put them in a cool and dry place, so that we can prolong the taste period of coffee powder as much as possible. we don't have to drink them in such a hurry, which is tantamount to prolonging our enjoyment time.