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Is the surrounding area not fragrant?! Ruixing Coffee's joint name was cold, and the clerk complained that it couldn't deliver it!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Last week, Ruixing officials announced a joint cooperation with "Troubles in Heaven" and designed a variety of limited perimeters with the theme of the French Olympics. The combination of well-known animated characters and the Olympic theme made fans feel New, and many users wanted to get together on the event online

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Last week, Ruixing Guan announced a joint cooperation with "wreaking havoc in Heaven" to design a number of limited perimeter with the theme of the French Olympic Games, and the combination of well-known animated characters and Olympic themes made fans feel new. many users on the event have been drinking coffee for a week in order to gather together a full set of surrounding areas.

The day before yesterday, qualified postcards with the same theme were launched nationwide. This postcard adds a gilding process, and the eye of Sun Dasheng printed on the card can be seen from a certain angle, adding a little interest to ordinary paper.

However, some employees found that the postcard seemed to be "unpopular".

After the joint event was launched, netizens were very interested in the surrounding area, and some stores were asked by customers when postcards, refrigerator stickers and other periphery would be put on the shelves. To the employee's surprise, many people said that after the postcards they wanted were launched on Monday, they did not send many copies by her hands, and only one copy was sent out in the whole store yesterday.

The same situation is not only encountered by this blogger, but clerks in other regions also report that their stores only send one or two postcards a day, in sharp contrast to the lively scene in which customers placed multiple orders to collect cup covers and stickers last week.

A lucky fan was also surprised by the Waterloo around her. She said that if the usual brand side has a new activity, the inventory around her nearby store can be robbed by customers in less than a day. Now, two days after the event, the limited package in the store is still on sale, which makes the customer wonder whether Ruixing has prepared too much.

In this regard, some customers who do not want to start say bluntly that the performance-to-price ratio of limited postcards is not high in their view. Although the rules of the joint event are the same as before, you must buy a double-cup package to get the perimeter, but the price of this package is too high, even through the discount of the superimposed third-party platform, the price of the package is basically around 30 yuan.

Budget-conscious consumers say that a drink costs 9.9 yuan, and nearly 10 yuan in a 30-yuan double-cup package pays for six pieces of paper, so after balance, most of them give up buying.

On the other hand, although the joint name of Lucky and "wreaking havoc in Heaven" can poke the childhood feelings of some users, the appearance and playability of postcards are not high, discouraging fans who were full of expectations at first. "postcards are really impractical" and "postcards are not as useful as refrigerator stickers."

Lucky's last co-name was associated with the TV series "the Story of the Rose". Because of the star effect and the support of big fans, the co-name of "getting out" rushed into the hot search for many times and became a hot topic on the Internet. In contrast, although the cooperation with "wreaking havoc in Heaven" superimposed childhood feelings, Olympic themes and other buff, it did not bring the most desired effect to the brand.

It can only be said that joint cooperation wants to be popular with one shot, and it is also "the right time, the right place and the harmony of people", but there is no lack of one!

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