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Barista, a career from entry to career change

Published: 2024-02-22 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/02/22, ▲ Click follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop believes that every partner before becoming a barista has all kinds of fantasies about this career and starts a full life with expectation from the moment he enters the job. However, after stepping into the bar, I am faced with a pile of endless cups every day.

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I believe that every little friend before he officially became a barista has all kinds of reverie about this career, and from the moment he joined the job, he will start a full life with anticipation. However, after stepping into the bar, we are faced with a pile of endless cups, guests who make all kinds of strange requests, wages that can't make ends meet, and a schedule that doesn't last for many days of vacation. Ask yourself: do you want to change careers?


Picture from: Su Yichen

The people outside want to get into the business, and the people inside want to jump out.

If you rank people's fantasies about different careers in order, there is no doubt that the title of "barista" will make it into the top 10. If you don't believe it, casually grab a barista who is in office and ask how he got into the industry. If there is no accident, it is inseparable from the word "like". Like to pull flowers, like extraction theory, like coffee culture, like a comfortable environment, in short, it is the charm of coffee "fascinated" to live in the pit.

For a long time, whether on social networks or in the real life around us, countless people want to join the coffee industry, regardless of their professional sex and age, all with the same coffee dream. It was not until the problems of low income, hard work and no future shone into reality, and the original enthusiasm was gradually eroded, that I realized that I might be facing a career change again.


Picture from: Wick

A few days ago, the author saw a picture in Little Red Book, which vividly depicts the short career of many baristas: entering the industry with confidence and leaving the industry with tears three months later.

Baristas may be forced to change careers.

At present, the fast-growing coffee market has put forward higher requirements for the function and number of baristas working on the front line, recruiting baristas. However, the career future of baristas did not grow at the same time, which made many baristas who could not see the future confused about their future.

It is well known in the circle that the salary ceiling of baristas is low, and it is also a consensus reached among peers for a long time. Relying only on a salary of four or five thousand, to bear the cost of daily living, to buy all kinds of equipment, beans to practice, and to study advanced courses, it seems that being a barista for a long time is not as optimistic as expected.


At a later stage, the more I feel that there is not much room for the career of baristas to rise, and as I get older, I will notice that there are really few opportunities to only make coffee (if there is a mine at home, it is a different matter). If you continue to make coffee, either take a part-time job to get a fixed salary, or invest in your own business, the cost is even higher.

So is there a way out for the future of baristas?

Of course, this is not to tell you that there is no way out for the future of this industry, let alone to discourage you from joining the coffee industry. On the contrary, under the development trend of the coffee industry, in addition to the increasing demand for baristas, many rare occupations, such as coffee self-media, coffee teaching, bean hunting, raw bean trade, and so on, are also expanding their recruitment, and the upper limit of treatment is high. Therefore, if the deep ploughing of the industry still has a lot of room for development, but the premise is to find the right way out, and is willing to work hard to study technology.


As a member of the army of domestic baristas, the author would like to tell friends who are planning to join the profession that baristas are not a noble profession, and that there is no halo. If you are just tired of repeating boring work and have some interest in coffee, you might as well try to go into the cafe, understand the aspirations and aspirations of working baristas, and see if they meet your expectations, and then it's not too late to make a decision.

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