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The barista wanted to join the Manner and was strongly persuaded by netizens to quit.

Published: 2024-03-01 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/03/01, ▲ Click follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop "Don't come, regret for the rest of your life", "run, one person will die of exhaustion", "Don't go, advise"it's not too late to run"go, you have to trust the comment area"... On the social platform, several baristas shared through MannerCoffe.

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"Don't come, regret for a lifetime""Run, just one person will be exhausted""Don't go, advice""There's still time to run now""Go, you have to believe the comment section"...


On social platforms, a number of baristas shared interviews with Manner Coffee and posted their own entry notices, indicating that they were about to leave for Shanghai for training and wanted to find someone to keep them company. However, the comments section below is full of Manner barista's crazy advice to everyone not to go. The whole picture was like filling in volunteers, and the senior brothers and sisters in the university tried their best to persuade them to quit their major.


Over the years, Manner's barista position has attracted the attention of countless migrant workers by virtue of its industry advantages such as pursuing fine coffee, accepting white and professional training, and extremely attractive salary. In the barista circle, Manner opened up his popularity with high salaries.

According to boss direct employment data, in Shanghai area, Manner Coffee barista recruitment salary is 8k ~ 13k, Ruixing to barista salary level is 5k ~ 6k, Tims, m stand, Pi Ye coffee brand salary also fell in 5k ~ 7k, while Starbucks only 4k~ 5k. It can be seen that Manner's barista salary level is indeed among the highest among a number of chain coffee brands.


Secondly, Manner, which uses semi-automatic coffee machines, has a much higher functional and quality requirement for baristas than many chain brands that use fully automatic coffee machines. Therefore, new employees need to go to Manner headquarters in Shanghai to receive professional training for 2~3 months (half a month as soon as possible) before they officially take up their posts, so as to standardize them, which has become a point that many people are deterred after receiving offers.


It is understood that Manner provides training period for entry baristas with paid, accommodation, reimbursement of tolls and other welfare benefits, and pay five insurances and one gold in the fixed post city upon entry. This temptation, how many workers can not see the heart ah ~ However, in recent years, due to their own employees on the network to complain about internal management more and more, Manner's "good treatment" image has been repeatedly affected.

Not long ago, a netizen who had finished his training in Shanghai wrote that Manner's initial expenses were much higher than expected, while the actual salary was "outrageous" and appealed to everyone to "don't go".


The netizen said that during the training period, in addition to the planned tolls, dormitory utilities, management fees, and various expenses needed for daily life, the settlement will also deduct the working hours used for meals or not fully scheduled, and the "salary increase test" will not allow newcomers to pass at all, so the cost is really small.

In addition, if the training is not completed during the assessment period, the originally promised travel expenses will have to be borne by themselves, and if they return to the local reimbursement after the completion of the training, it will take 2 months to complete the review and approval. It seems that Manner's actual treatment is not as good as he thought before entering the job.

On the social platform, not only the employees during the training period sent out articles to complain about salary and other problems, but also the small partners working in the store complained about Manner's unreasonable management successively. Even in the eyes of consumers, the fact that Manner barista worked hard through observation details was also seen. The little friends who were arranged to be on duty alone, whether they went to the bathroom or had a meal, had to leave a message in advance to follow the guests to the store,"Please take a leave" before they dared to leave the position. No wonder the baristas were trying to persuade the newcomers who had not yet entered the pit to return.


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