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The combination of China and the West! Snacks are standard in coffee shops?

Published: 2024-02-22 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/02/22, ▲ click to follow | Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop in recent years, "Coffee +?" The pattern is getting stronger and stronger, such as coffee with meatloaf, coffee with beef, coffee with stinky tofu. Why do so many cafes start to join the combination of "snacks and coffee"?

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In recent years, coffee +? The pattern is getting stronger and stronger, such as coffee with meat pie, coffee with beef offal, coffee with stinky tofu... Why are there so many coffee shops that are now "not doing business" and starting to join the "snack + coffee" combination?


Shanghai, as the city with the most cafes in the world, has opened seven coffee shops within a short 300 meters. To stand out in such a high-density coffee shop, you have to make some differentiation. Recently, there is a street shop with an area of only 16 square meters. With the combination of "coffee + fresh meat pie", it quickly became popular in Shanghai. Adhering to the pricing logic of 15 yuan to eat and drink well, the coffee price in this shop is 6-12 yuan/cup, fresh meat pie 8 yuan/piece. According to the boss, the store can sell four or five hundred cups of coffee a day, nearly a thousand fresh meat pies, and a daily turnover of more than ten thousand.


In Hangzhou, there is also a coffee shop with Hangzhou-style snacks. In addition to the coffee that can be seen in daily cafes, there are many Hangzhou snacks such as green onion, oil winter, stinky tofu and crisp fish. According to the owner, there are a lot of customers who want a cup of coffee with stinky tofu and oil in the afternoon. In the morning, they usually order ice American style with green onion package.


In order to cover more consumers, coffee and snacks are mutually drained, from sandwiches, croissants and shellfish to dry steaming, braised wheat, fried dough sticks, cold skin, snails powder and pancake fruit... These seemingly exotic and alternative combinations, but there are no lack of consumers paying for them. In addition, the pace of life is gradually accelerating now, there is no coffee sold in the place where breakfast is eaten, and there is only a fixed combination in the place where coffee is bought. Therefore, the collision between grounded snacks and coffee seems to be self-contained flow, and it is "the greater the contrast, the more incredible the match, the more traffic can be obtained." On social platforms, you can always see netizens exclaiming: "Finally a store has done this. I've always eaten like this."


Since the beginning of the year, the head brand under the banner of "extreme cost performance", led coffee prices continue to explore, let many small and medium-sized coffee shops complain. "Coffee +?" The model may allow ordinary shops to "pull back a game."

Coffee as one of the hottest tracks in the past two years, many brands into the game, the market volume fierce. "Coffee +?" Perhaps one of the ways coffee shops differentiate today. From the consumption habits, coffee consumption time is basically concentrated in the morning and afternoon; and snacks, suitable for any time period. This combination form, the main is convenient and fast, in a store, both to fill the stomach, but also to meet the demand for caffeine.

However, the combination of local snacks and coffee should be based on consumer demand rather than on curiosity.

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