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Self-help American? Is coffee refined management feasible?!

Published: 2024-02-21 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/02/21, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Coffee plays a refreshing "life water" role for many workers. Coffee consumers are mainly contemporary workers, and a cup of iced American coffee in the morning may have become a necessary daily rigid demand. Today, there are two types of coffee shops in China.

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Coffee for many workers is a refreshing "life water" role, coffee consumers are mainly contemporary workers, a cup of iced American coffee in the morning may have become a necessary daily rigid demand.


Today, there are two types of coffee shops in China. One is a new type of self-service coffee shop, and the other is a full-clothing coffee shop. There is less self-service coffee at present, and there are coffee shops in many suburbs.

Recently, the first "self-help mode" coffee shop appeared in Wuhan, and this kind of "self-service" coffee quickly spread on social platforms in Wuhan. "Show the bracelet and open six kinds of fresh coffee immediately, and the coffee is unlimited to drink on the same day. And you can enjoy it at half the price after 5pm." This is a great enjoyment for workers, and for people who want to try coffee, it satisfies their curiosity about coffee.


In response, some netizens said in the comments section that "our colleagues have been taken by me to buy a self-help in the morning" and "I have been drinking downstairs of the company for three days! You can drink all day by buying a bracelet in the morning. From the appearance of the coffee self-service machine, it looks like a craft beer machine, which is necessary for most workers to drink a cup of coffee quickly and cheaply.


In addition, as early as last year, Guangzhou also opened a "self-service mode" coffee shop, which only has black and white coffee to choose from. Black coffee is dripping coffee (a total of 8), and white coffee is coffee with milk. in its self-service identification area, there are eight black heat preservation buckets lined up on the bar, and below is a device similar to a faucet, where consumers press directly and the coffee liquid will flow out.


It is understood that the store manager said: "inspired by craft beer, many craft beer bars have a set of 3-5 flavors of small cups, so that consumers can drink a variety of flavors at a time, enhancing the sense of experience." For stores with this sales model, first of all, sufficient supply chain resources are required, and secondly, a large number of tests on the flavor of beans are needed in order to find the best taste.

In fact, this kind of unmanned self-service coffee shop has long appeared at home and abroad, such as "clean coffee" pink coffee shop in Hong Kong, China, "muji" buffet coffee and buffet coffee in other countries. This kind of self-service coffee machine is like an unsold convenience store, bringing fast and delicious coffee to consumers who need caffeine.


In recent years, no matter chain coffee or boutique cafes or self-service coffee, the whole coffee market shows a scene of letting a hundred flowers blossom, and new models and new ways of playing emerge in endlessly. Although the buffet coffee model brings the advantages of high speed, low cost and multi-taste selection, it also has many shortcomings.

First of all, it needs to be opened in a place with a large flow of people, otherwise it will be a waste of coffee beans if it is pre-made but no one consumes it. The second is the taste of the product, the quality of coffee is not guaranteed, and it is not easy to win the trust of consumers, such as the problem of concentrated oil from coffee making, hot milk coffee can not pull flowers, and machine hygiene can not be maintained regularly. The problems, large and small, are still attributed to the imperfection of the machine.


In addition, there is a lack of atmosphere and environment. In fact, coffee is not entirely regarded as a refreshing drink, but more often in a comfortable coffee shop environment, where they communicate, work, socialize and rest with baristas while tasting coffee. Although in theory, the self-service coffee machine can improve efficiency, it is more time-consuming in the event of a failure, and the feedback will be quite slow because it is unattended.

But we still need to go and see how far this model can go and whether the soil for growth can be found all over the country.

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