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There is a story behind every rule, such as foot-tipping is prohibited in this store!

Published: 2024-02-29 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/02/29, ▲ click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop in the minds of many people, the coffee shop is a relatively quiet and comfortable place. It is understandable that the boss wants to better protect each other's interests and leave the limited space of the coffee shop to people who really love the place. In this regard, a lot of independent coffee

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In the minds of many people, the cafe is a relatively quiet and comfortable place. It is understandable that the boss wants to better protect each other's interests and leave the limited space of the coffee shop to people who really love the place. In this regard, many independent coffee shops have their own "small rules", with one rule after another to maintain the comfortable environment in the store.

In fact, behind every "harsh" store rule set by everyone to open a shop, it is because of the related unpleasant events that have occurred before, and whether or not to listen to individual customers is forced to lay down such "inhumane" rules and regulations.


On social platforms, from time to time, we can see cafe owners from all over the country "gather together" to count some unbearable behaviors they have encountered in their stores.

"ever met a person who changed a child's diaper in a coffee shop, or a large size,"spit everywhere", "come and sit in your shop with other people's coffee, because your chair is comfortable,"turn off the music, I want to listen to the phone", "if you don't allow playing cards, Dianping will make a bad comment", "take stinky tofu to eat in the store, and say that this stinky tofu won't affect others."


After reading the true stories experienced by bosses everywhere, it is both distressing and funny. Perhaps it is precisely because this kind of unpleasant behavior is not unique to coffee shops that it often resonates with everyone. With the increase in the frequency of occurrence, it is really unbearable, and in the end, they have to "screen customers" through appropriate rules. I hope to avoid these bad things. And how to set the rules will be another way to open a store.

You know, there are some "rules" that everyone can understand, and what really causes consumer dissatisfaction may be that the implementation is too rigid or the tone is too tough. Therefore, instead of risking offending people, you might as well write the wording of the rules gently and interestingly, and express "refusal" in a way that is acceptable to customers.

Not long ago, a coffee shop owner posted an article saying, "I can't stop it. I really can't stop it. The boss began to write the rules of the store." Although the store is small, since persuasion is fruitless, it is better to lay down some rules before guests enter the door to achieve a two-way choice between merchants and consumers.


At first glance, the boss has written a lot of seven rules, but if you read carefully, you will find that the other person is a very interesting person, and the rules themselves will not be uncomfortable. For example, the boss asked everyone not to question the taste of the playlist in the store, and at the same time invited customers to write down the songs they wanted to hear.

Also aimed at the problem of "indoor smoking is prohibited", another boss set restrictions on the entry of guests in a humorous tone: "if you want to smoke, hit me first, if you want to play cards, hit me first."


In the face of random mobile store furnishings, commercial shooting and other problems, there is a boss choose "bold red font", with soul emojis, with magic to defeat magic.


The choice is two-way after all. Shopkeepers have the right to choose customers, and customers do not have to spend if they are not satisfied. We might as well give leniency to the atmosphere carefully created and carefully polished in each cafe. Under the fierce competition, if the coffee shop wants to survive, it is far from enough to make a good cup of coffee in front of it. It is also a proposition that independent cafes always need to think about how to get along with customers while showing their personality.

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