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With a per capita "sweet water" of 40%, the coffee market is complained.

Published: 2024-02-29 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/02/29, ▲ click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop nowadays, there are many coffee festivals, coffee markets and various coffee activities. I believe that both coffee lovers and young people who simply like to clock in will like to join in. So usually every coffee festival looks "crowded". Every booth

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Nowadays, there are many coffee festivals, coffee bazaars and various coffee activities. I believe that both coffee lovers and young people who simply like to clock in will like to join in. So usually every coffee festival looks "crowded". Every booth is crowded, especially at the peak of people going out in the afternoon.

It is understood that in recent years, various coffee markets (coffee festivals) have been held in many cities across the country.


Recently, a netizen on the social platform, on today's coffee market expressed his own views: "an average of 40 cup (special) drink, it is a bit difficult to understand, where is the premium?" "Coffee culture is becoming more and more milk-tea and bar-like. Is it a special feature to mix with this?" "there are very few people who seriously make basic coffee, such as raw beans, cooked beans, hand-brewed beans, lattes, American styles, and exchange culture."as a person who controls the cost of making coffee at home at less than 10 yuan, it is very difficult for me to accept over-packaging, but the core quality of coffee is ordinary." "I hope coffee practitioners will do a good job in basic products."


In the face of a cup with an average of 40 yuan and a smaller cup, there are long queues at booths in the sun, and admission tickets are needed for some coffee activities. In comparison, large chain coffee brands (Arabica%, Starbucks, Lavazza) with space, temperament and comfortable environment. ) is obviously more cost-effective.


In response, passers-by in the comment area said that "the bazaar is so frequent and boring that it is better to sit in the cafe on your doorstep" and "had six drinks today. It feels like "sweet water" and "in an environment where there is no coffee shop, it is cheaper than a boutique coffee shop, and the environment is noisy. If you have free tickets, you can also stroll around. Spending money on tickets is a pure complaint." .



In fact, in daily life, how many people will walk into a coffee shop and order a cup with a high premium and is called "Little Sweet Water" by netizens? Maybe it's the coffee festival atmosphere that motivates you to "impulsively consume" a cup of coffee that you haven't drunk locally, or to sign in on "moments".

Even so, in the face of various social network posts complaining about coffee bazaars, they are still being held one after another, as if consumers are like endless leeks.


Of course, some brands work hard on the "special tune", and the materials are solid enough, but slowly people's impression of the coffee festival is only the special features of gradual milk tea, bar and high premium, and they need to buy tickets to get in. And, as always, a crowd of people.

Generally speaking, for coffee practitioners and people with "coffee heads", they just want to experience the strong coffee culture of the coffee industry. In fact, no matter whether it is the coffee festival or the coffee bazaar, we should not just focus on business while neglecting the overall experience.

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