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On National Day, the owner of the coffee shop is happy and sad.

Published: 2024-02-21 Author: World Gafei
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The Mid-Autumn Festival meets the National Day. On this National Day, it is believed that many catering owners have also ushered in a long-lost consumption peak. Since the first day of the National Day holiday, that is, the Mid-Autumn Festival, whether it is the circle of friends posted by peers, or the baristas who sympathize with each other in the Little Red Book, you can clearly feel that the popularity of some independent cafes is accelerating.

"endless cups, endless tables,"sparks from the extraction handle,"electricity used to burn the electric box, power outage", "just finished, rest"although working until the wee hours of the morning, but in such a difficult time, the boss can work overtime is a happy time."



Thus it can be seen that there are not a small number of coffee shops with bursting orders. Not only the attendance rate is full, the originally quiet space has become noisy, many materials have been used up wave after wave, the orders of the customers in front of them have not been produced, there has been a steady stream of people pushing in the door, and the data of stocktaking after the close of the market reveals gratifying results. Overall, this long holiday, including the catering industry in cafes, has indeed ushered in one of the few popular moments of the year.

However, behind the hot overall market, there are also a large number of coffee people whose business is not entirely satisfactory. Some managers of independent cafes have successively posted articles on the Internet about the current situation of their desolate business. In September, store business has dropped sharply. During the National Day holiday, there is no imagined "queuing event" at all. Turnover is only a slight improvement.


A manager who insisted on opening a shop on National Day posted that although the two-day holiday had ushered in, the cafe in the scenic area had not increased at all. Only 19 drinks had been made throughout the day, and even the landlord told him to close the shop and play mahjong. In this regard, many colleagues in the comment area also wanted to express their views, thinking that there would be more customers on National Day, but the passenger flow was sparse, not even as good as May Day, similar to ordinary working days. It seemed that they were too blindly optimistic at the beginning.


In addition to the small pavilions in the scenic area, the independent coffee shops open near the office area are also pitifully small. Other people's National Day holiday is "overcrowded", their own stores opened near the office building, when the National Day, Spring Festival, such as the long holiday, the guests basically went elsewhere.

Coincidentally, a similar dismal situation has occurred in cafes in other cities, where anxious "shopkeepers" take turns to chat online in Xiaohongshu. Some people are reading novels and playing games, while others are waiting for customers while cleaning, "take off at leisure", "why should they have known each other", and some bosses even make fun of themselves as "lookout stones".


Perhaps out of consideration of the increase in operating costs such as rent, equipment and raw materials, compared to traveling on a big holiday, many baristas choose to stick to their posts and keep their doors open, hoping that the National Day will bring good revenue, but the reality is so cruel. "National Day" is an important consumption node, if the overall performance after "National Day holiday" is in the doldrums, then the coming "cold winter" in the next few months will be even more difficult.

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