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"I hate lucky, but no one can say it's dirty."

Published: 2024-02-22 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/02/22, ▲ Click to follow| Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop on the Internet, lucky to wash hands strict requirements are famous, even can be said to be a bit "abnormal." Wash your hands when the hour is up; wash your hands when you touch the table; wash your hands when you hold your glasses; wash your hands when you stroke your hair; tidy up

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On the Internet, Ruixing is famous for its strict requirements for hand washing, and it can even be said to be a bit "abnormal".

When the hour comes, you must wash your hands; when you touch the table, you must wash your hands; if you hold your glasses, you must wash your hands; if you stroke your hair, you must wash your hands; you must clean up the mask. Sorry, please wash your hands, too. Over a long period of time, they have also developed a unique skill of "holding glasses on the back of their hands, stroking their hair with their elbows, and moving their arms from their masks."


There is also a timer on the edge of the sink in each lucky store. Each time you wash your hands, you must squeeze the hand sanitizer and rinse for more than 20 seconds from the inside to the outside. If the flushing time is not enough, the person in charge of the internal special inspection may be "caught" for non-standard operation.

Therefore, such a stalk is also circulating in the Swiss world: if hand washing is the criterion for judging a competition, then lucky employees have already washed out their level and elegant demeanor, and have become the "best hand-washing" workers in the country. It can be called the "hand washer" of the coffee industry.

It is precisely because of the frequent frequency of hand washing, hand sanitizer and disinfectant hurt the skin very much, "Save the child, the hands really hurt", "the endless poison of the hands that can't be washed at work every day", "wash your hands and crack them directly"... There are countless lucky migrant workers who appear to "bask their hands" on social platforms, and Amway has even put up a handy hand cream in the intimate comment area.


Of course, in addition to hand washing, the hygiene quality control standards of Ruixing stores are also "appalling". The sentence "QC (quality control) inspection is coming", how many auspicious people dressed in overalls are busy with bright flashlights, all kinds of washing and scrubbing, just to eliminate all foreign bodies that can be seen by the naked eye before the quality control teacher arrives, in order to meet the inspection standards.

As for posture, some people "kneel", some "squat", some "lie down", some "climb", and others drill directly into the cupboard. There are all kinds of cleaning moves.


Just yesterday, a netizen who claimed to be Rui Xing's wage earners posted that Rui Xing was the cleanest coffee shop in the milk tea shop he had ever made (it didn't mean bad in other stores), but Rui Lucky's hygiene was really extreme. Every time you clean up, you break down. "I hate Rui Xing very much, but I won't allow others to say it's not clean!"

At the top of the note are two screenshots from the Ruixing group news. As there is likely to be a third-party inspection this month, which is related to everyone's position, it is difficult to protect themselves once they are caught, so @ everyone read it carefully and abide by it. These details cover the expiration of materials, refrigerator temperature, jewelry wear, hand wounds, foreign objects in utensils, and so on.


Not only that, some netizens in the comment area also added the story about the strict health management of Ruixing. For example, a consumer who bought Lucky once mentioned, "once I saw that the Lucky coffee machine was broken, and then the repairman came and put on the headgear and washed his hands for 10 minutes before starting the overhaul."


At a time when food safety issues are frequently searched in the catering industry, people are certainly more willing to go to brand consumption, which is very strict in quality control and extremely responsible for consumer safety. In the face of all kinds of public comments on Rui Xing on the Internet, countless Rui Xing hit workers with only one reply:

"you can say that Rui Xing's drink is not good. But! You can't say that Lucky is not clean! "

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