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There is no barista? Just a dishwasher!

Published: 2024-03-01 Author: World Gafei
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I believe that you should be the hard-working protagonist in the bar, or you have ever wanted to be an elegant and handsome barista, right? If not, you must have been sent by the enemy to laugh at us dishwashers!


Before becoming a barista, perhaps many people had fantasized that they were standing in the bar in a dark brown apron with soothing music in their ears. As the coffee beans were ground into powder, there was a pungent fragrance in the air. Under the curious onlookers, the guests rushed to the coffee, and the movements of the flowers were handsome and neat. Wake up! The cup in the sink hasn't been washed yet, make it quick!


When I officially became a barista, I found that in addition to making coffee, I had to hold numerous small positions. Apart from the title of "barista", we can also be floor sweepers, table cleaners, cleaning and security specialists, psychological bearers, toilet guides, peak water pours, equipment maintenance chefs, food safety administrators, and member recharge exclusive sales. Wait, there is no doubt that the most approachable one is the dishwasher.

In independent cafes, odd number, full rate, raw material consumption, decibel value in the store … It may not directly reflect the busyness of the baristas here. But if the large and small cups, plates and plates in the sink are stacked like mountains, and there is still something left to put aside, while the barista is still busy taking orders and products, it means that the business of the store must be good.

⬇️⬇️, look at the sinks in these cafes. There's always one you're familiar with!



After the uproar, baristas need to return to their battlefields immediately, carefully scrub each cup and dish, then dry them one by one and put them in the disinfection cupboard, and finally take them out and put them back in place. Gradually, the numb barista began to tease himself with the terms "dishwasher" and "cup washer". On social platforms, as long as you enter the keyword "barista washing dishes", you will be able to brush the "cup washer" in various positions for a long time, pouring out the endless cups in front of you.

At this time, someone may ask in a small voice, "how to wash so many cups?"

After a while, I only heard the other party reply: "washing with a smile, of course."

Yes, a qualified barista should not only have the fastest and most efficient cup washing and wiping skills, but also have good self-emotional management skills. Even if the cup can never be washed, the hands that have been wet for a long time are dry and cracked, as long as the guest calls, "waiter, add water!" You have to smile right away and say, "OK, no problem."


Over time, no one can tell whether there has been any significant progress in coffee-making skills, but the method and speed of cup washing may already be the "benchmark" of the industry. Imagine an interview scenario in which the coffee shop owner asks: what is your best skill? The applicant replied, "I wash cups quickly!" Fast and bright! The glasses are all washed and glowed.

As a barista, we have work to do every day, and there are even things we don't want to do and have to do, but we also have to find our own fun in our work. No matter what you do, please love it first, because there is really nothing better in life than to do what you love. Coffee does not need too much load, just enough respect, dedication, heart and precipitation.


In the final analysis, washing cups is just one of the most basic "skills" of baristas. Seeing clean utensils neatly placed on coffee machines and shelves will make you feel good, and guests can rest assured to enjoy them. In other words, what's the point of making good coffee if you can't even wash the cup well and clean it?

Finally, if there are a lot of cups to be washed every day and there is no dishwasher in the store, remember to take good care of your hands.

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