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What should I do if the ex-employee "Shun go" store formula?

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Last Updated: 2024/02/22, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop most private coffee shops offer special coffee in addition to American, latte, and other regular coffee. Whether it is a classic latte with syrup or a creative coffee with alcohol or fruit, it has to be tested repeatedly by the host.

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Most private coffee shops offer special coffee in addition to regular coffee such as American style, latte and so on. Whether it is a classic latte with syrup or a creative coffee with alcohol or fruit, it has to be tested repeatedly by the host to determine the taste before it can be put on the shelves. As the materials and proportions used are carefully matched, the formula is particularly important in the production process. From this point of view, the formula seems to be a kind of private intellectual property. What if you teach the staff in the store to make coffee according to the recipe, and the employee takes the recipe to the next store after leaving? Some coffee shop owners are upset about this:

"in order to make daily production easier, I told the clerk the hard-developed product formula. but if the clerk leaves, use the formula to please the owner of the next store. I think I'm really angry!"

Tell the clerk the formula, and a competitor will ask the clerk for the formula, not to mention the formula, right? It's really annoying to think that you have to do part of the work on your own.

Some people think that in this period when creative coffee does not create a full table, no one will care what the recipe is, because the drinks are updated too quickly. In this developed information age, there are a lot of recipes on the Internet. Some private coffee shops will know what has been added by drinking more than a few mouthfuls, and some stores will write the formula on the coaster when they produce it and make it public. Second, in the catering industry, recipes are basically transparent, and some people even sell recipes in order to understand how their products react in the market. the larger the base, the clearer the data. so there is enough data to develop new products.

Some netizens advised coffee shop owners to relax their mindset and think about why they told their employees the formula in the first place. First of all, it must be in order to make him qualified for the job, and then help himself reduce some of the work burden, and then maybe to improve the staff, and then sum up their own experience and improve again. But in this process, whether the employee is promoted or not depends on whether he extends his own understanding. As long as he has enough innovation and R & D ability, he will not be afraid of being imitated. After all, he will only stand still. And the coffee industry is constantly sharing and communication in the progress, so as to bring guests better products and experience.

However, some people feel that this is after all the result of their own painstaking efforts, and it is really uncomfortable to be directly used for their own use. This is a bit like in school, their homework was copied by classmates, although it is said that their homework is rare, but it is uncomfortable to be copied by others.

To this end, there are netizens advice: if you can sign relevant agreements with employees, or for their own formula to do legal certification. You can also make some of your own things and then ask the clerk to match them. Some cafes will make their own syrup. In this case, unless the clerk has stolen all the materials, it will not be possible to reproduce them.

On the other hand, those who are already open-minded say that this is the case without technical barriers, and that if you keep your mind at ease, you will not think that it is a problem. On the other hand, your own formula has been affirmed by others, and the product itself needs to be constantly developed. When others are replicating, you are already updating the product. As long as you don't relax, you can always stay ahead of others. Therefore, this situation is understandable, but basically unsolved.

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