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The off-season is coming! Luckily, a large number of employees are accused of working hours.

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Last Updated: 2024/06/25, ▲ click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop for many younger generations, they often earn their living expenses by looking for a "sideline" without delaying their main jobs. For example, part-time work in a coffee shop is a good way. If you work in a store with a good hourly wage, even if you can't get a full job because of personal matters.

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For many younger generations, they often earn their living expenses by looking for a "sideline" without delaying their main job. For example, part-time work in a coffee shop is a good way.

If you work in a store with a good hourly salary, even if you can't work for a full month because of personal matters, you will still get an optimistic salary as long as you don't arrive late and leave early. Besides, nowadays coffee shop chains are all over the streets, and there is a branch within a few steps, and big names like Lucky and Starbucks are also recruiting part-time jobs all the year round, so it is much easier for these groups to find "emergency" jobs.

Recently, many part-time students have posted online articles crying that Rui Lucky has started to control working hours, and the schedule in November is much lower than that of the previous month, and the number of working hours is still cobbled together by "supporting" other stores. In some social part-time jobs, there is even a situation of "arranging only one day a week", and often only work for half a day, about four or five hours, and many part-time jobs have almost taken a rest for more than half a month.

As the saying goes, the more you work, the more you get. The decrease in attendance not only means that the total number of scheduled working hours will fall, the actual hourly wage will also become lower, then the final wage will also be greatly "reduced". In this regard, this group of part-time students have said that they can't stand it, and if it goes on like this, there will be no class.

There are three kinds of "part-time workers", namely, part-time students, part-time workers and social part-time workers. Among them, part-time students and social part-time workers are relatively free, and there is no requirement for working hours, while the monthly attendance of part-time plus employees must meet the minimum number of working hours, which is generally about 120 to 150, but the maximum cannot exceed 200 working hours, and they need to be qualified for duty. However, after obtaining the qualification certification, the hourly salary will be increased, and the schedule will be given priority.

According to these part-time students who have been forced to reduce their working hours, their shift working hours have been reduced to varying degrees since October. A large number of part-time plus employees mentioned that their monthly attendance days are only more than a dozen days, and their shift working hours are less than 100, which is far below the "guaranteed working hours" mentioned at first. in order not to "starve to death", they are now looking for a new job. On the other hand, the situation of many part-time and study-time working hours is even more obvious, with only about 30 working hours in the whole month.

As a matter of fact, in addition to part-time work, many full-time employees of Lucky also have the situation of controlling their working hours. Two days off + 7.5 hours a day, from the original 180 + to 110: 170, the proportion of full-time staff in some stores is only 30%, and some are in arrears for two months. You know, the basic salary has to be deducted if the working hours are not enough, so many workers have to take the initiative to support the busier new shops to get the target number of workers.

Recently, the phenomenon of compressed working hours in lucky stores has been analyzed by employees, mainly because of the off-season in the coffee industry.

With the arrival of the cold winter, the tea and coffee industry began to enter the off-season of sales, passenger flow decreased, single volume plummeted, and the situation of the cup was not as hot as it was in summer. During the peak season, it is often necessary to arrange the shifts of several people, but now it is enough for one person to be on duty during the low peak period, while the company stresses that human efficiency is up to standard, and stores need to control the amount of cups per hour, so they will be scolded if they do not reach the standard, so they are adjusted by reducing working hours. As a store manager is also very helpless.

Looking at the moment, the off-season in the industry has just begun, and some lucky workers have also revealed that some stores are preparing to recruit part-time jobs for the Spring Festival, while the working hours of on-duty workers continue to be cut. If these part-time students still want to earn a higher income, maybe they have no choice but to go home as soon as possible.

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