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Default selection? Starbucks apologizes and refunds!

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Last Updated: 2024/02/21, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop recently, a netizen bought coffee at Starbucks Zhenxuan store and checked out with a star card only to find that the price was different from usual. Is it secretly increasing the price? Since the receipt was not printed at the beginning, the netizen asked the shop assistant in charge of ordering and asked for a small number.

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Recently, a netizen bought coffee at the Starbucks Zhenxuan store and only found that the price was different after checking out with a star card. Is it secretly raising the price? Since the receipt was not printed at the beginning, the netizen asked the shop assistant in charge of ordering and asked for the receipt. According to the clerk, the difference in price is due to the fact that both drinks are ordered Zhenxuan coffee. However, the netizen said that he and the other party had never mentioned "winning the selection" once, so how could it be changed into a higher-priced coffee? It's all ordered, and if there is a big difference between ordinary and Zhenxuan flavor, it should be enough to satisfy the taste buds. But the poster himself has no need to click on the selection at all. "I simply can't tell the difference between Zhenxuan and an ordinary latte. I'm very speechless. Now even Starbucks is so resourceful to order?" What's the difference between Starbucks and ordinary Starbucks? According to the data, Starbucks selected ™, or Starbucks Reserve, which is located in the high-end coffee bean market, selling only the top 3% of Starbucks coffee beans purchased in the world, and will launch different categories in season, including distinguishing ordinary stores in terms of store design and exclusive labor, so the price is relatively higher. Comparing the prices on Mini Program, it is found that the price of a regular latte at Starbucks is 33 yuan, and that of an ordinary American style is 30 yuan, totaling 63 yuan, which is a whole 10 yuan different from the 73 yuan paid for Zhenxuan coffee when the poster checked out.

Is "default selection" only aimed at the poster, or is it universal? Some netizens shared the same experience. When they order food at a Starbucks store near their home, the clerk will directly default to the contestant's rush, which costs 49 yuan per cup, and seems to prefer to do this to the customers of the star card, drawing the balance directly. If you don't pay much attention, then unknowingly spent the wrong money, "forget it, even if you order at the normal counter, you will be selected without saying a word. it's really diaphragm!" Since the main consumer's store is Starbucks Zhenxuan store, this has also triggered a discussion about "will you order Zhenxuan coffee by default after entering Zhenxuan store?" Some netizens suspected that the poster went wrong to the Zhenxuan bar in the store to place an order, while others thought that there was nothing wrong with tacit Zhenxuan coffee, because the poster did not pay attention to it and could not blame the store. "Coffee beans in Zhenxuan store are different." is it any surprise that some Zhenxuan shops do not have ordinary American beans? "

However, this claim was immediately refuted. The owner of the post was quite sure that he had gone to the right bar and went to the ordinary bar; many netizens also said that Starbucks Zhenxuan also contains ordinary coffee beans, and the store's Mini Program menu is visible. Zhenxuan American and ordinary American can place orders at the same time. Ten thousand steps back, even if it is really in the selection bar to achieve the selection of beans, according to the procedure, the shop assistant should confirm with the customer which beans to choose twice, but there was no such process at that time, so there was no reason for "default selection". The post also blew up a lot of employees who used to work at Starbucks or are now working at Starbucks, speculating that the clerk was under pressure from kpi. A former Starbucks employee revealed that for the sake of customer unit price and selection indicators, some colleagues will directly default to order perfect beans to customers, but also watch people order dishes. "I can't stand it! customers have the right to choose whether to drink or not, this is really that the till partner did not bring a good experience to customers!" Later, Starbucks customer Care Center called, saying that Zhenxuan store had issued orders by default, and the poster asked, "did you choose coffee beans even if you don't communicate?" The customer service responded that the best beans had been matched according to the drink, and the post asked, "is the best American bean Kenyan?" The response is "not clear" and will let the store follow up. The netizen believed that the Starbucks clerk's practice violated the customer's right to choose and know, and asked the store to refund the money for two drinks. Finally, the store called to admit the mistake and promised to return the order.

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