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How many owners have gone to work this year to support their coffee shops?

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Last Updated: 2024/05/25, ▲ Click to follow| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop If you are also a member of the large flow of coffee shops, I believe that this year you should have felt that it is not easy to do business in this industry. Let's not talk about getting rich by coffee. Even it is difficult to support yourself with store income. The rest is to use all kinds of zeroes.

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If you are also a member of the big stream of coffee shops, I believe you should have felt that it is not easy to do business in this industry this year. Not to mention getting rich from coffee, it is difficult to support yourself with store income. The rest is to maintain expenses with all kinds of scattered income.

Knowing that the current store can not be profitable, in order to maintain the original efforts, countless cafe owners still insist on generating electricity for love.

Some managers have learned how to operate social media accounts, hoping to convey their own brands and coffee to more people through the Internet, while others have thought of "tying up" regular customers and promoting plans such as top-up membership cards and unlimited refills. Some bosses choose to transform as soon as possible to introduce meals for the menu, in order to pursue more levels of customers to spend in the store in order to increase the unit price. When people work so hard, they just want to find a way out for their original hearts.

If you pay attention, you can also find that compared to the discount or transformation of business, the owners of some individual cafes have begun to go out to work. This kind of behavior may sound incredible, but at a time when the coffee industry is extremely involved, the thinking of these operators is not difficult to understand.

They think that since the coffee shop has been opened, the rent on the front is not high or it is their own place at all, and if they run it alone, their monthly expenses are basically only spent on water, electricity and raw materials. In addition, the location of many independent coffee shops is far away from the office area, and there is little passenger flow on weekdays, so they can't spend all the time in empty shops. At the same time, they also have the ability to rework, so they choose to work to earn money. On the one hand, they can support themselves, and on the other hand, they can subsidize cafes.

You may be curious, the boss has gone out to work, so who will keep the store? In fact, the answer is obvious: either close the door and wait until you get rid of your work, or give the cafe to the staff or close friends and relatives, and then come back to replace each other during the break.

Once upon a time, I met an owner of two stores who came for an interview. when it came to the arrangement in the store after work, the other person also admitted that he would stick to it by his wife and staff, and go back on duty when he took a break. Of course, the reason why I am willing to come out to "take over the work" is not only to pay the clerk, but also to help the small shop that I have worked so hard to tide over the current difficulties.

But then again, from the recruiter's point of view, how many operators are willing to hire a colleague who already has a shop to work as an employee in his own cafe? Although having some bar experience is an advantage, taking into account the status of leaving at any time, differences in business philosophy, no sense of belonging and other factors, recruiters are bound to have scruples and are more willing to hire inexperienced new people. So even if the manager is passionate and wants to do something in the coffee industry to subsidize stores, the real job search may be much more difficult than imagined. 、

Of course, in this group of "re-employed baristas", it is not ruled out that many people have a good income, or just use their spare time to open a shop, all the way to their own main business to "feed" the coffee sideline, so that physical stores can continue to operate.

For them, such a "toss" to maintain a break-even, perhaps really just want to adhere to that original heart and love. As one owner of a coffee shop said: stick to what you want to do, and no matter how difficult it is, you don't want to lose that feeling.

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