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Coffee industry extremely volume new direction: only send not sell!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, ▲ Click to follow| Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop I do not know when,"buy xxx give limited periphery" has become the inherent mode of each coffee brand to attract business, this week alone, there have been no less than 3 launch buy gift activities. Starbucks along the street to buy any two cups of drinks free small wooden fish decoration, cute little

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I do not know when, "buy xxx gift limited perimeter" has become the inherent mode of coffee brands to attract business, this week, no less than 3 have launched buy-and-give activities.

Starbucks sent two new drinks along the street to buy small wooden fish furnishings. As soon as the cute little wooden fish went online, it seduced many netizens to download software that they did not normally use to issue orders to buy, and immediately opened the "merit + 1" mode of wooden fish.

Manner's co-branded canvas bag of Pudong gallery attracts a wave of literary consumers who have to place orders even if they are spilled by coffee.

As soon as Lucky's Christmas Blind Box badge was launched, obsessive-compulsive disorder collectors who like blind boxes shouted that they wanted to be giants for this.

The buying and giving activities of various brands are so fast that people are overwhelmed with the new speed. As soon as the surrounding items that integrate the current popular factors are put online, they become the focus of attention. For some netizens who are keen to collect around the brand, they do not pay attention to the taste of the coffee drink itself, but focus on the new limited event gifts, and place orders to buy packages in order to get the perimeter they want. Some netizens even in order to get a few more gifts to rush the order, as soon as they got the gifts, they happily took photos and posted pictures on the social platform, virtually doing a wave of publicity for the brand.

The brand also seized on the consumer mentality of young people to buy and return beads, and joined the promotion war of "only giving away gifts but not buying". The commercial war of product sales was supposed to be rolled up into a design competition around the event.

The competition of chain coffee brands is fierce, and the volume is serious. Various brands use joint IP, buy-and-give activities and other ways to expand their influence and attract consumers to buy, but for a long time, consumers may not focus on the product itself but on what new gifts are new in this event.

What do you think of the endless activities of various brands to give away or not to buy?

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