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The fishball latte appeared on the stage, Hu Jiaoren thought about yue after watching it.

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Last Updated: 2024/06/25, ▲ Click to follow | since the appearance of "Green Pepper Latte" in Coffee Workshop of Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine, many netizens on social platforms have followed suit, using colored peppers of different colors, and "Green Pepper lattes" made by netizens are often seen on social platforms. Is this latte good? just press the meter for the time being.

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Since the emergence of "green pepper latte" on the hot search, many netizens on the social platform have followed suit, using different colors of colored peppers, and there are many "green pepper lattes" made by netizens on the social platform. Whether this latte is good or not is not mentioned according to the table, but its appearance has opened the minds of some people and set their eyes on other foods.

As a result, Fuzhou Fish Ball Coffee has recently appeared on social platforms, silencing coffee lovers and Fuzhou people who like to eat fish balls.

As can be seen from the video uploaded by the blogger, the production of fish ball coffee is not complicated. After the middle of the round fish ball is hollowed out, it is placed under the handle to pick up the coffee concentrate, then pull a simple flower with milk, and then put it on the cup.

However, after watching the whole production video, netizens gave a very direct response: yue~

In the comment area, you can see many Fuzhou people saying that they do not accept such a cup of fish ball coffee, "Please... don't say it's a Fuzhou characteristic... Fuzhou people do not accept it", "destroy my Fuzhou fish balls", "Please, Fuzhou people say it is difficult to accept", and some netizens suggested that "shop owners have their own city".

Netizens from other areas passing by also said that they were silent, saying bluntly that "there is no darkest, only darker."

Strange creative coffee is common in recent years, including "octopus latte" and "preserved egg coffee", followed by "coffee rice noodle roll" and now popular "green pepper latte". The emergence of these creative coffee seems to give consumers a sense of "coffee of everything", but in fact it brings some physical discomfort to consumers.

Young people like new things, but also have a sense of curiosity, and their brains are bigger than heaven, so it is not surprising to come up with all kinds of strange food matches, but this kind of "forced matching" can only attract the attention of passers-by. Most of the consumers who get it first take pictures and send them to various social platforms to satisfy their inner sense of superiority, but no one knows whether the coffee in their hands is finished or thrown away.

And the "research and development" of this kind of creative coffee seems to have not stopped, fish ball coffee, hemp ball coffee (hemp ball is a Fuzhou snack), Sydney coffee …... Netizens can't help wondering, "now you can dig a hole and hold coffee."

Whether it is the combination of coffee and other foods in the past, or the current wave of "innovative coffee containers", it is nothing more than an eye-catching behavior, but as long as it can attract the attention of netizens, it may never stop.

If these players really digest their "works" so that they do not waste food, then even if they shoot a TV series, it is not unacceptable to the public.

Probably when netizens are numb to the behavior of "forcibly matching coffee", there will be less creative coffee that is difficult to be accepted by consumers.

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