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Starbucks launches takeout shelves around, net friend: put a no!

Published: 2024-07-14 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/07/14, Recently, some netizens on the social platform showed off the Starbucks takeaway rack they just received, saying that when they went to offline stores to collect express delivery, the shop assistant looked confused and did not know when their brand had such a peripheral. It is reported that Starbucks United Meituan launched the cute bear takeout rack is opened last month reservation, this month netizens only

Recently, some netizens on the social platform posted the Starbucks takeout shelves they had just received, saying that when they went to the offline store to pick up the delivery, the clerk looked confused and did not know when his own brand had produced such a piece.

It is reported that the cute bear takeout shelf launched by Starbucks and Meituan opened an appointment last month, and netizens only received Meituan express delivery this month. After opening it, as long as four pieces of good quality fibreboard were assembled according to the instructions on the package, you can get a heavy takeout shelf, with Starbucks cubs glowing on the table, instantly raising the lovable value of the entire takeout shelf.

The joint perimeter of Starbucks is lovely and practical, which is really attractive to many netizens, and when netizens who have already purchased takeout shelves explain that this takeout shelf only needs to meet the full conditions of the Meituan platform and make a reservation without paying extra fees, "Starbucks" immediately got excited and were disappointed to find that the activity had already ended after opening Meituan.

Netizens who were "eager to get it" looked confused and wondered, "Why do I always see you post these after the event is over?" even when they went to the offline store, they "didn't hear the clerk say there was such an activity!" Netizens who miss this appearance and practicality can only comfort themselves by saying, "big data, you are late."

From the scene of pick-up feedback from netizens, most of the Starbucks clerks were not aware of the gift activity. Some clerks mistakenly thought that the Meituan delivery they received was store material and put it unpacked and assembled at the door. As soon as the netizens who went to the store to pick up the delivery, they saw their Starbucks bear sitting on the outside shelf to welcome the guests.

Is it possible that this joint peripheral event is due to the lack of Starbucks publicity that "econnoisseur" can only look at the "expired wool" and sigh?

In fact, this is really not Starbucks' fault. On the eve of the event, Starbucks official WeChat has posted a blog promotion, and when the event is about to close, it will also notify star members to participate in the event by text message. If you do not receive the relevant text messages, perhaps the mobile phone software is too dutiful to intercept the text messages, rather than Starbucks publicity is not working hard.

However, netizens who have successfully found wool also have new troubles while taking pictures. Such a cute bear takeout shelf "will soon become someone else's doorstep", worried that "the shelf will be stolen in less than an hour at the door". Some netizens said that the takeout shelf "will only be taken away by cleaning at the door as paper shell to sell money", and "it will be picked up and sold by cleaning aunt in two days."

Many netizens who have experienced "being carried away at their own door" said that they dare not put this lovely and practical takeout shelf on their doorstep, so they can only move it back home and put it next to the sofa as a side cabinet or coffee table. Good take-out shelves use solid materials, not a beautiful waste that is useless and useless, and it is considered to make the best use of things when they are used as a shopping desk at home.

Picture from: Xiao Hong Shu