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Call 12315? Extraction for more than 40 seconds is complained?!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, A ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop as a consumer, if you buy bad coffee, what do you usually do? In most cases, you choose to ask the store to redo or refund it. For example, coffee chains redo it for free after customer feedback is not good, and some independent coffee

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As a consumer, what would you normally do if you bought bad coffee? In most cases, you choose to ask the store to redo or refund it. For example, coffee chains redo it for free after customer feedback is not good. Some independent coffee shops also remake a cup or refund at customer request.

Recently, some netizens went to a coffee shop in Shenzhen to order a cup of American style, communicated with the shop owner for a refund because of disagreement, and complained to the 12315 platform. As a consumer, when he encounters damage to his own interests in the process of consumption, he can lodge complaints against merchants through official channels to protect his own rights and interests, so it is not impossible for this netizen to complain to 12315 because he is not satisfied with the American style offered by the coffee shop.

But what made the onlookers "break the defense" was the netizen's complaint: "the extraction time of American coffee should be controlled at 40 seconds." the barista in this store did not operate correctly, and the extraction time took more than 90 seconds, as evidenced by the video. Drink is the smell of dishwashing water. Ask the merchant to remove the coffee product from the shelf and refund the fee.

According to this netizen, the Italian extraction time of this coffee shop is 90 seconds, while he thinks that Italian extraction should be controlled within 40 seconds. The extraction time should not be discussed for a few seconds, after all, there is no unified standard, but this netizen complained to 12315 for this reason and asked the merchant to remove the coffee product from the shelves, which made netizens restless.

"does xing stipulate that coffee can only be extracted for 40 seconds?"

"will he confiscate the coffee machine when I stay at home for 70 seconds?"

"12315 is still in charge of the product, this tube is a bit wide, how to determine the responsibility? if this can be decided, it will be dangerous to sell it next time."

"not all si sentences within 20 to 30 seconds."

"after that, I broke the all-in-one machine and each extraction was 15: 25s. I sent it."

Most people in the comment area, both coffee lovers and coffee practitioners, do not agree with the "trial" of this netizen.

In some "ancient" espresso textbooks, the extraction time of espresso is 20 to 30 seconds, but now that the quality of coffee beans is improved and the degree of roasting is different, the extraction time of espresso will be adjusted according to the actual situation. It will not be nailed within a certain range of values, so there is no so-called rigid regulation on the extraction time of espresso in the industry, only a reference range.

Coffee shop owners set more or less different standards for espresso, and some stores also offer lungo drinks, so the extraction time varies according to their own standards. On the other hand, this netizen complained to the official platform and asked the store to remove the products from the shelves because the Italian extraction time of the coffee shop did not meet his own standard. This behavior, as one netizen commented, as an example: "when I eat a bowl of beef noodles that do not meet Lanzhou standards and taste particularly bad in southern cities, I do not pay and complain that beef noodles are not allowed to be sold in the south." it seems reasonable, but in fact it is unreasonable.

If the product standard of the shopkeeper does not comply with the relevant laws and regulations, it is reasonable for netizens to complain and demand so, but there are no explicit regulations such as the duration of Italian coffee extraction, and netizens complain and ask the store to take the product off the shelves. will only make their own reasonable request vexatious.

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