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There is a heated discussion about choosing food in Starbucks.

Published: 2024-06-25 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/06/25, ▲ click follow | Daily boutique coffee culture magazine Coffee Workshop is well known, as a chain coffee shop, Starbucks brand positioning and service content are very clear. It is committed to providing coffee, drinks, meals, as well as "matching" a comfortable third space for consumers. For a long time, a lot of consumption

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As we all know, as a coffee shop chain, Starbucks' brand positioning and service content are very clear. It is committed to providing coffee, drinks, meals, as well as "matching" a comfortable third space for consumers. For a long time, many consumers want to find a place to rest, the first time they want to go to Starbucks, order a drink, and deal with the business at hand.

Recently, a netizen posted a post entitled "will picking vegetables in Starbucks be looked down upon?" Perhaps because of the "Starbucks" label, not long after the post was posted, it immediately aroused a heated discussion among netizens and expressed their views in the comments area. (currently, the post has been deleted)

The netizen mentioned that he went to Starbucks to buy a drink while waiting for his children to finish class, and then sat down and took a small dish. At that time, they were surrounded by people who read books and computers, and they were the only ones who were picking the food they wanted for lunch, and they felt a little out of place, so they sent a post to ask if it was appropriate, and they were a little worried that they would be driven out by the shop assistant....

As for the question mentioned by the mother at the beginning, "will picking vegetables in Starbucks be looked down upon?" the vast majority of netizens agreed that of course not. Because consumers themselves are equal, without disturbing others, everything is personal freedom, and there is no need to worry about being criticized.

But when it comes to the appropriateness of choosing food at Starbucks, everyone disagrees.

In the eyes of many people, it's not impolite to know how to do the right thing on the right occasion, but it just doesn't feel right. Although theoretically does not affect others, let alone conflict problems, the act of picking vegetables does make people feel "a little strange", thinking that this kind of behavior should not be publicized, but should not be blamed.

Even if not at Starbucks, but in other cafes or restaurants, it can be abrupt to make a "choice" in a public environment that is supposed to be in the kitchen / home. Some netizens compared it to "it's like practicing calligraphy in a nightclub, meditating in a museum, practicing tai chi in the library, and memorizing words at a music festival."

There are also many passers-by who are more considerate of the difficulty of this mother and feel that there is nothing wrong with picking vegetables. It has no taste and no noise, and it doesn't have much impact on others at all. Pick it if you want.

There was a lot of talk about choosing food at Starbucks, and the mother also appeared in the comments section to explain: first of all, she did not deliberately go to Starbucks to choose food, let alone occupy a seat at the peak; second, she also had something to drink. Since everyone thinks that this kind of behavior is inappropriate, they will not do it again. At that time, she was mainly waiting for the children to finish class, sitting around at Starbucks and tidying up the dishes for lunch. The total time is not even ten minutes, and after finishing, also clean up, playing with the mobile phone.

In fact, as netizens who hold a neutral point of view have said, there is really no absolute statement on whether picking vegetables in the store is appropriate or not. In principle, you spend money, do not disturb other guests present, and it is your freedom to do whatever you want. If you are really worried about making people feel undignified, you can ask the shop owner / clerk and get permission before doing it.

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