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This is the meaning of self-learning to pull flowers!

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Last Updated: 2024/02/22, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop what is the opportunity for you to start learning to pull flowers? When this question was thrown out, the three baristas present replied in unison: because it's cool! (Ah. It is said that every great god's flower-pulling trip comes from a cup of heat.

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What is the opportunity for you to start learning to pull flowers?

When this question was thrown out, the three baristas present replied in unison: because it's cool! (Ah. Right ~)

It is said that every great god's journey begins with a cup of hot latte. Although I don't remember the exact time when I first saw Lahua, I remember the scene when I saw the barista drawing in front of him for the first time: he held the ceramic cup in his left hand and the milk jar in his right hand, poured out, pushed, shook, and finally mentioned it up. In just a few seconds, a delightful white pattern was "drawn" on the surface of the latte.

There is not a trace of superfluous action in the whole process, so Xiaobai can't help but look at the barista with admiration and think: wow, really handsome! I want to learn, too. In this way, began to embark on the road of learning and hard practice.

Recently, a contestant who taught herself to pull flowers shared her long mental journey from entering the pit to growing up, and at the same time realized the significance that pulling flowers brought to her.

At first, because I liked to collect all kinds of beautiful cups, I thought it would be wonderful to use them to make a hot latte with flowers every morning. In order to realize the beautiful moment in mind, I first spent a lot of money on coffee machines, bean grinders, and various coffee utensils, then began to delve into extraction and milk foam, and also watched a lot of videos of the great god in the little red book.

Learning and groping, her flower-pulling skills from the initial "freehand brushwork" to now occasionally can make a good pattern, the whole process is pleasant and long. Because it is completely unutilitarian to do a thing, so do not rush to practice it, but seriously enjoy the process of doing it, and feel the joy of progress. Of course, the reason why everyone sees are success models, not because there is no rollover, but because the failure cases are in her belly.

Because she likes flowers, she drinks hot lattes almost every day, and she also likes coffee beans that are medium-baked. Because she likes flowers, she sets up a coffee corner in her small house and lights up the "coffee" sign when she turns on the coffee machine every day, with a sense of ritual to start business.

Gradually found that the wish of many years ago has been unconsciously realized, "every morning with a beautiful cup to make a hot latte with flowers" is only a small thing, but it has become a beautiful moment of love in life. I believe that those friends who also fall in love with coffee or gain a sense of achievement in their study say that this mental journey is completely "another me" ~

In fact, not only the barista, every successful partner will find that they have learned far more than a simple drawing, but more about the feedback brought by persistence. From a pile of thick milk bubbles, to vaguely shapeless care, to the emergence of a complete tulip. Repeated thinking, repeated practice, repeated correction, even if only a little progress, but the heart can reap a great sense of satisfaction. It is never too late to pursue love, and we should never rush for quick success and quick gains.

So, is there a quick way to learn to pull flowers? Of course there is, but only if you give properly. As long as you are willing to spend a few days studying and deliberately practicing the basic patterns, it is not difficult to learn some simple flowers in a short time. As the saying goes, no effort, no gain. If you want to make sure that every cup can steadily pull out a symmetrical and distinct combination picture, then it is absolutely necessary to practice hard and practice again.

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