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How should the household espresso machine be cleaned and maintained? How to clean the water distribution network and steam rods?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, I believe that when making espresso, we will carefully and delicately do every detail, so as to ensure that the coffee has a complete extraction! But often, after the production is completed, it is easy to ignore the maintenance and cleaning of the coffee machine. You know, if the coffee machine is not maintained in time, after a period of use

I believe that when making espresso, we will carefully and delicately do every detail, so as to ensure that the coffee has a complete extraction! But often, after the production is completed, it is easy to ignore the maintenance and cleaning of the coffee machine.

You know, if the maintenance of the coffee machine is not timely, after a period of use, it is very easy to have large and small problems, affecting the extraction! So, maintenance is also very important! Therefore, Qianjie will share today where coffee needs to be maintained. although today's demonstration "model" is a small coffee machine used by Qianjie stores, in fact, most of the coffee machines are about the same. so this cleaning tutorial is almost universal.

First, the clean water distribution network is the part that we can see at first glance when we look at the head from the bottom up, it will come into direct contact with the coffee powder when extracting coffee! When the pressure is given to a certain extent, the hot water will seep down through the water distribution network, with the coffee substance, dripping into the cup! When the valve is closed after the extraction, the coffee liquid that did not come and ooze will be "sucked back"!

Although it will be discharged immediately, some of the oil and coffee powder will remain on the water distribution net. once it is not cleaned in time (as shown in the picture above), these coffee particles and oil will be dried at a high temperature of boiling head, which will be affected by extraction over and over again. So we have to clean the water distribution network to different degrees at different nodes! Easy cleaning: at the end of the extraction, we can open the water valve to release a small section of hot water to wash the coffee residue and oil adsorbed in the water distribution network! Then accumulate the extraction to a certain number of times, and then use a cleaning brush to wash the water distribution network carefully! After all, hot water can not completely clean off the residue and grease, it still needs some strength to clean.

Deep cleaning: at the end of the day, when we are ready to close the machine, we will begin to clean the interior of the water diversion network! No matter how ruthlessly brushed with a brush, it is only cleaned to the surface of the water distribution network, and the dirt accumulated inside is still accumulated! Therefore, we need to change the powder bowl, switch the powder bowl with many holes into a blind bowl without cracks, then pour in the prepared special coffee machine cleaning powder 2g 3G, buckle the cooking head, and clean the inside of the water distribution network!

The specific operation is to open the valve, and then the hot water will continue to wander in the machine because there is no hole in the blind bowl. We can close the valve in about 15 seconds. The coffee machine will suck the liquid with clean properties into the pressure relief channel in the blind bowl, and then discharge it, thus achieving the effect of internal cleaning! Repeat 3 or 5 times, during which neither the handle nor the cleaning powder needs to be replaced. The reason for not directly flushing for one minute is that the pressure relief valve is worried about the risk of damage if it works for a long time. After the recoil is over, we remove the handle and put in the water again, and the diligent friend can brush it again with a brush, and the cleaning is finished! (remember to pour out the first concentrated part of the extraction on the next day.)

Second, the clean steam bar of the steam bar is a very important functional part of the coffee machine, hot milk coffee can not do without it! Therefore, its maintenance is also very important! Similarly, its cleaning is also divided into simple and deep two kinds! Easy cleaning: after getting rid of the foam, there will be a certain amount of milk left on the surface and inside of the steam bar. if it is not cleaned immediately, the milk will be dried because of the hot steam stick in just a few seconds. Stick inside and outside the steam stick, then it will be very difficult to clean up!

So after we get rid of it, we need to wipe the milk off the surface with a clean wet cloth (you can prepare a clean cloth to wipe the steam stick), and then spray the remaining milk inside for 1-2 seconds.

Deep cleaning of sprinklers: easy cleaning is called easy, there must be places where cleaning is not in place, such as the interior of steam rod holes! Because there is still a certain dead corner space inside the hole, the jet can not involve the milk of these dead corners. So, also when the machine is closed or closed, we can remove the sprinkler, then find a container, pour in the cleaning powder and hot water, put the sprinkler into it and soak it for one night ~ and then clean it the next day ~ steam rod deep cleaning: the same! Now that we've cleaned the sprinkler, don't leave the steam stick behind! Use a highly suitable cup, pour in the cleaning powder and hot water, let it soak overnight, and then clean it after a few minutes of jet when you turn it on the next day.

Third, the cleaning of the handle many friends use a shunt handle for extraction, and this kind of handle also has more dead corners in the shunt position, if it is not cleaned regularly, it will appear stench and other negative smell. Therefore, we can not forget the cleaning of the handle.

Prepare a container that can hold the whole head of the handle, then pour in the right amount of cleaning powder and hot water that can not pass the head, and soak overnight! Take it out the next day and clean it up. These are the places we can clean by ourselves. When these places have regular maintenance and cleaning, the coffee machine can stay "healthy" and reduce the probability of problems. If there is a big problem due to untimely cleaning, it will cost a considerable sum of money to maintain and repair it at that time. -END-

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