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Starbucks "flat Peach Club" banquet, netizens: no perimeter?!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop discusses how coffee brands should expand their brand influence. Co-naming with the current popular IP is the way that many brands will choose, such as the joint names of Lucky and Maotai to limit the success of Maotai lattes out of the circle and greatly enhance brand awareness. So last year, the brands

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On how to expand the influence of coffee brands, co-naming with the current popular IP is the way that many brands will choose, such as the joint names of Ruixin and Maotai, limiting the success of sauce-flavor lattes out of the circle and greatly enhancing brand awareness. Therefore, last year, brands were co-signed with all kinds of IP, and netizens had a feeling that "joint activities have never been broken".

At the beginning of the new year, Starbucks, which has always had few joint IP activities, released a new news, announcing a wave of joint activities with the Shanghai Art Film Studio's classic animated film "wreaking havoc in Heaven." according to the short video released by Starbucks and the activity menu posted by netizens, peach coffee drinks related to the film "flat Peach Club" will be launched during the joint event.

The joint event awakened the childhood memories of netizens and aroused the interest of many netizens, but some netizens were not satisfied with the Starbucks event because according to the available information, the joint name only seemed to have a limited theme drink.

With reference to the joint activities of other brands, brands generally use limited activity bags and cup covers during the event, and some brands also make environmentally friendly cloth bags, water cups and other surrounding pieces for sale.

In contrast, Starbucks, most of the joint activities out of the circle, such as black pink, Disney, Snoopy and other joint activities, domestic stores do not participate in it. Recently, China is better known for its cooperation with Happy Holiday Ambassador Fei Xiang, but this cooperation is surrounded by stickers and apple socks and does not use some packaging related to theme elements like other brands.

Since the coffee brand co-signed with the popular IP, in addition to the consumers who will buy the drinks of the brand themselves, this joint activity has also attracted some passers-by who love a certain IP to buy it, resulting in a lot of consumers who "buy money for pearls".

Therefore, this part of the netizens said that if Starbucks does not have a new related neighborhood, then they will not buy restricted drinks for the sake of joint names. "all the co-names around are playing hooligans", "just a name?" There is no joint name on the package and there is nothing to expect.

In addition to not limiting the perimeter, some netizens think that Starbucks' attitude towards the joint-naming event is a little perfunctory. Because the two drinks in the restricted menu are hidden menus of Starbucks, consumers do not need to wait for the restricted event to begin, but only need to enjoy them in advance through Starbucks' customized service, saying that "this is not a joint name" and "it is not a joint name even if it is put on the shelves with a different name."

"wreaking havoc in Heaven" is a well-known IP in China, and there is also "domestic top star" Sun WuKong in this IP, so when you hear that the IP will have a joint signature with Starbucks, netizens will inevitably look forward to it. Whether Starbucks can respond to the expectations of netizens who love the IP remains to be seen.

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