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Manner changed to SOE again? Barista: it takes some imagination to drink it

Published: 2024-06-13 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop in the industry, SOE is defined as concentrated coffee beans made from a single origin, mainly showing regional flavor, usually produced in a variety of regular Italian coffee. Because the publicity will emphasize the fineness of the bean batch, and it is always better than the default spelling

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In the industry, SOE is defined as concentrated coffee beans from a single origin, mainly showing regional flavor, usually produced with a variety of conventional Italian coffee. Because the promotion emphasizes the fineness of the bean batch and is always higher than the default matching price, it is often considered to be a more advanced Italian option.

As more and more coffee brands introduce SOE to their menus, individual concentrate has become more routine, and there are more SOE options for the same espresso. Among them, Manner's limited SOE series is frequently active on the home page of workers by virtue of the new "Speed of Light".

Recently, some netizens found that only 2 days after the launch of the last limited SOE, Manner changed to a new SOE, which is astonishingly fast.

On January 3, Manner official account posted that it will launch the first SOE of the year: cream raisin Coffee, from the Tarazu region of Costa Rica. In terms of flavor, Manner describes it as "mellow and sweet raisins, with jujube-like sweetness and creamy texture, charming blackcurrant aromas, sweet and sour, balanced with fresh green tea aromas and a lingering aftertaste".

Maybe the name sounds really tempting, or maybe because of Manner's excellent copywriting, this "cream raisin coffee" attracts more fans than the previous limited SOE.

Before drinking, everyone is looking forward to receiving coffee from the barista with the imagination of adjectives such as red jujube cake, raisin, blackcurrant and green tea. However, it was not until the moment of the entrance that I found that there was nothing wrong with it, and even began to suspect that either the barista had used the wrong beans or there was something wrong with the sense of taste and smell.

On the social platform, the comments on the SOE from the realistic party were all straightforward: "I excitedly ordered a cup, but it had nothing to do with cream raisins", "I just wanted to say I didn't drink anything", "I drank it, no cream, no raisins, no jujube cake taste …" "I ordered a hot latte and an iced latte, but I didn't drink any of the flavor. is there something wrong with my taste?" "it is seriously suspected that SOE beans are not used, and they taste the same as ordinary beans."

In order to fully feel the flavor described in the publicity, some witty friends use the exclusive taste trick: idea + imagination, finally feel a trace of directional flavor after drinking a full cup of coffee. " The scorched aroma of roasted sweet potato skin is mixed with the smell of raisins, "the smell of unpicked branches on the head of raisins", "the sweetness of cough potion + compound aroma", "a smell of vegetarian fried sunflower seeds".... Everyone is really an abstractionist!

In the face of people complaining that there is no flavor in SOE coffee, Manner barista can only smile and say: this is a cup of coffee that needs to be imagined.

Yes, after all, if the tasters usually drink few kinds of coffee flavor and do not form a basic flavor library, no matter how much aroma there is in the coffee, it will not be recognized, and a lot of flavor descriptions will only be regarded as "metaphysics".

Second, even if we practitioners, we may not be able to drink those flavor descriptions accurately every time, cold, hot, thick in taste, thick in foam, and even what we eat for breakfast may affect sensory judgment.

Last but not least, compared with deep-baked beans with a balanced taste, SOE usually uses medium-to-shallow baking to emphasize floral and sour flavors, which requires not only the baker's "interpretation" of SOE, but also the barista's extraction skills. This is the main reason why we sometimes find the SOE sold in some stores tasteless.

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