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Lucky to have a scraping sticker, Xiao is lucky to add a jam?

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Young people all know that "pie in the sky" is a good thing that is hard to hit themselves in reality, but they still look forward to becoming a 1/10000 winner one day. Based on this good idea of the unknown, scratch music becomes a young man to achieve this.

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Young people all know that "pie in the sky" is a good thing that is hard to hit them in reality, but they still hope that they can one day become the winner of 1/10000. Based on this good idea of the unknown, scratch has become a way for young people to realize this idea, and it has also led to a trend in playing scratch.

However, most young people have a clear understanding of their luck, and the possibility of getting rich overnight through a scratch is too low, so young people who play scratch are more likely to experience the relief and stimulation of the scratch coating. if blessed by Lady Luck, the happiness of scratch doubles directly.

Lucky caught young people looking forward to a little bit of luck in life, and launched scratch play in a joint activity with "Xiao Lan and his friends", which was launched yesterday.

Different from previous joint events, this joint event with "Xiaolan and his friends" does not have limited paper bags and cup covers, and the purchase of two drinks can only get a limited sticker with a box in the lower right corner. customers who get the sticker will have a chance to become the lucky winner after scraping off the coating, or they may just be the runners of the winning game.

It is reported that Ruixing will give away 100, 000 cups of free coffee at this event, so as soon as the event is launched, netizens will place an order and scrape off the coating as soon as they get the sticker to see if they are the 1/100000 lucky ones.

The netizens who won the lottery posted today's luck and shared their good luck and happiness with others. For the netizens who did not win the prize, Ruixing also left a blessing in the small box, so that the netizens participating in the activities will not be too disappointed.

However, there are still many disappointed netizens, but they are not disappointed because they did not win the lottery, but because of the operation of some lucky employees. Some netizens on the social platform said that Ruixing's scraping sticker has bug, and the text under the coating can be seen from the back of the scraping area with a flash, which means you can know the result in advance before scraping off.

Therefore, many lucky employees may know in advance whether there are winning stickers in the store stickers out of curiosity, and some employees "cheat" in front of customers, making consumers' good mood plummet. Some consumers understand the curiosity of Lucky employees who want to know the results, but they do not agree that employees check the winning results in front of customers, saying that Rui Lucky "better study the new product" and "don't set this kind of reward if you can't afford it."

Scratch music is like opening a blind box, mainly to uncover the unknown feeling when scraping off the coating. Although the winning result is important, for netizens who just want to experience the fun of scratch music, the experience of playing scratch music will be more important than the result.

Lucky's sticker with scratching area is to add a little fun to life for Rayman believers, but also to give feedback to customers, but we should consider the follow-up in the design, avoid similar cheating, so that consumers can be treated fairly. Accept all the results, for better or worse.

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