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How can he de? Next to the two giants of the coffee industry!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop the day before yesterday, the owner of an independent coffee shop posted "crying" and welcomed two chain brands next to his own store. First M Stand, then came to a Manner, kept the place for more than a year, but didn't expect to wait for it.

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The day before yesterday, the owner of an independent coffee shop posted "crying" that there were two chain brands next to his own store. First M Stand, then came to a Manner, kept the place for more than a year, but unexpectedly, it was "opened up by capital".

As consumers who have a habit of drinking coffee every day, many people say they will give priority to the chain brands around them over independent cafes.

Nowadays, with the help of capital, a good and inexpensive cup of coffee can be easily obtained, and shop assistants are uniformly trained under the brand standard system to ensure efficient and stable production. On the other hand, baristas in some independent stores can't let go of their strong personality. as soon as they enter the store, they are directly scared off by the pricing of coffee on the menu. the quality of coffee depends on luck, and they may even get an inexplicable "education."

Therefore, compared with those small stores where 38 starts and quality control is not guaranteed, chain brands with stable prices are obviously more attractive. "there is a big difference between the upper and lower limits of niche coffee shops, and it is really better for commercial coffee to be stable."some small shops are small workshops and their products are not stable at all." Private coffee is more expensive than many chains and tastes like lottery winning.

In this regard, the businessman explained that her family is the first coffee shop in this business circle, and the team partner has been engaged in coffee in the industry for more than a decade and has never priced more than 30%. From almost no one at the time of opening to just getting better now, it has been run by all kinds of shopping malls, allowing the brand to avoid rent in the form of coffee cars into the business circle, but also close to the outer swing area of their own stores. In such a capital-ridden coffee market, independent stores are doomed to an uphill battle.

With regard to the netizens' feedback that "minority independent stores are easy to step on mines", she said that she understands that those businesses that are both unprofessional and expensive should indeed be excluded by the industry. but should conscientious independent stores seriously operate boutique routes suffer as a result?

Just when the shop owner was still complaining about the unfairness of attracting investment, a number of colleagues immediately appeared in the comment area after seeing the push, competing to tell the same experience of being "affixed to the face by the brand". According to the owners of these independent shops, their own cafe used to be the only one on the street, but now it is not Ruixing on the left, Manner on the right, Starbucks opposite, or K Coffee and Cody on the opposite side.

Of course, some netizens comfort the shopkeepers in the comment area that the audience of independent cafes is different from that of chain brands after all, so there is no need to be too discouraged. Independent shops are designed to provide specialty coffee, cordial service and a unique atmosphere, while affordable coffee is aimed at office workers who buy and leave, drinking more caffeine. And stores will also bring traffic to each other, as long as the level of service and coffee quality are guaranteed, we can get through it.

The coffee shop chain relying on capital, because of its strong financial support and experience accumulation, they can take advantage of the market gap to expand rapidly and attract and lock in a large number of customers with low prices or concessions. In addition, brands will use technology to actively obtain user data and consumption habits, and then increase sales through market analysis and personalized sales promotion. Such a way is almost beyond the reach of independent cafes, which makes independent stores face more pressure in the market.

Finally, with regard to the threat posed by the entry of the "giants" into the business circle, the shopkeeper said: we will not easily admit defeat, but the struggle with capital is bound to be an uphill battle, and we will not be ashamed if we lose.

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