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After the cup is added, the concentration is controversial!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop when winter arrives, difficulty getting up occurs, so coffee beaters resist drowsiness and daze to the bar, yawning and picking up coffee at the same time. However, making coffee at this time is most likely to make mistakes, such as flavored lattes forgetting to add syrup,

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As soon as winter comes, the difficulty in getting up follows, so the coffee beater resists the drowsiness and goes to the bar to yawn and extract coffee. However, making coffee at this time is the most likely to make mistakes, such as the flavor latte forgot to add syrup, the latte forgot to pour concentrate, and so on.

If the drink is not out of the bar, most baristas will quickly take remedial measures to make up for the missing part and then give it to the guest, but what if the guest has tasted it and found that there is no less seasoning?

Recently, a customer shared that he had encountered this slightly awkward situation. After taking the coffee from the clerk, he opened the lid and drank it. He found that the clerk forgot to concentrate, so he quickly took it back to the clerk and proposed to do it again. After confirming that it was his own mistake, the clerk was prepared to take back the drinks that left the cabinet to be condensed.

The customer was frightened by this move and told the clerk that he thought it was unsanitary. Finally, the clerk made the customer a new cup of the right latte.

Netizens with similar experiences in the comment area share their situations and the different ways the shop assistants deal with them.

"I couldn't drink my lemonade without sugar after sitting there for a long time. She took it back and took a sip of it and said it would be remade for me."I just ordered a cup of lemonade without sugar yesterday, but the clerk was very nice." as soon as I said, she decisively gave me a refund, "she took it back and added it, and even said she couldn't put it down and let me drink more."

Some netizens think that like this shop assistant who made a mistake, it is possible to pour a condensed one directly to remedy it, so that it will not cause waste and increase wear and tear. " If you pour coffee liquid every other time, you won't touch the cup, so why is it unsanitary? "you should directly take the milk jar and add it to you. There is no need to redo it, but it will only increase the wear and tear." I took it to her and said she would make me a new cup. I said you could just add coffee to me.

Netizens who like to add more ice said that when they drank coffee in a coffee shop, they felt that less ice would make the clerk add ice directly to the cup. "I often drink half of it and give it to me to add some ice." I don't think there's anything wrong with adding ice or other seasonings to your drinks.

However, some netizens believe that when the drink returns to the bar after leaving the bar for a period of time, whether the guest asks for more ice or syrup, or the shop assistant needs to add less ingredients, this behavior can be regarded as the secondary processing of food. and this may cause food safety problems.

Therefore, in order to avoid food safety problems, most chain coffee brands will require the clerk not to reprocess the drink. If there is an operation error that leads to the lack of ingredients, it is to make a new cup for the customer.

Although making coffee is not as good as dispensing in the hospital and does not require aseptic operation, after all, it is to enter the drink in the mouth. Netizens prefer the shop assistants to operate according to the standard, not to ignore the food safety problem in order to save materials and reduce consumption.

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