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Lucky cup of black skillful, netizens said: "explosive cement ash"

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Last Updated: 2024/04/19, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop yesterday, a post entitled "Lucky Chocolate changed cement Ash" sparked netizens' discussion on social networks, just a week after the last controversy over Ruixing Orange C American emergency off the shelves. The consumers of the post said in the post that they didn't want to go out, so they went out.

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A post titled "Lucky Chocolate changed cement Ash" sparked discussion on social networks yesterday, just a week after the last American-style emergency removal of Lucky Orange C from the shelves.

The consumers of the post said in the post that they did not want to go out, so they were lucky to send out an order. After receiving the drink, they found that the product was not right. "I didn't know that the color was made of cement ash," and the taste after drinking is even more complicated.

In this regard, in the comment area, a number of netizens said that the "black skillful cup" of their order did not have this situation and thought that "the chocolate liquid must not have been added enough", "this is not chocolate, even if there is less chocolate, it shouldn't be gray."

Some netizens also said that maybe the consumer met the lucky newcomer, "did you meet the new person? I only added three pumps to you plus deicing direct cement ash." and many people who have ordered "a cup of black skillful" said that the normal black skillful is very dark.

At this time, a friend of Lucky appeared in the comment area and said that perhaps the raw materials used in the production process were misplaced. "the packaging of cappuccino smoothie cocoa powder is now very similar to that of cappuccino smoothie powder." in this case, some netizens agreed that "cappuccino powder and chocolate powder packaging are the same." it may be that the newcomers are not familiar with the raw materials.

In addition, in less than half a year, Luckin Coffee and Maotai worked together again. Luckin Coffee and Guizhou Moutai posted with pictures on Weibo that they will jointly launch a cross-border joint product "Dragon year Sauce Chocolate Latte" on Jan. 22, that is, today. then a topic # Ruixingmaotai and # Shuanglu rushed into the Weibo hot search list.

As for Luckin Coffee's quality control problems appear again, as a well-known brand, Ruixing should carry out strict quality control of its products to ensure the rights and interests of consumers.

Generally speaking, Luckin Coffee's quality control problem once again reminds us that quality control is not only related to the reputation of the brand, but also directly related to the rights and interests of consumers. For any brand, strict quality control is not a temporary response, but should become a long-term way of operation.

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