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McDonald's has another drink for free? Netizen: hide welfare!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/25, ▲ Click to follow | Daily Fine Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop in a hurry to bring a McDonald's breakfast and a cup of coffee on the way to work should be the daily routine of many office workers. Some loyal McDonald's consumers know that McDonald's has always had the benefit of "fresh coffee can be refilled for free", sometimes after drinking it.

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It should be a daily practice for many office workers to bring a McDonald's breakfast and a cup of coffee on the way to work in a hurry. Some loyal consumers of McDonald's know that McDonald's has always had the benefit of "fresh coffee can be refilled for free." sometimes he will add another cup after drinking and go to the work station with hot coffee to sign in.

Perhaps because of this benefit of McDonald's, after some customers recently bought McDonald's platinum coffee, they saw the promotional card that came with the cup saying, "if you think the coffee is not strong enough, we will make another cup for you for free." it means that you can use this small card to ask the clerk for another cup of coffee.

From the social platform point of view, not only one customer thinks so, many netizens said: "this is equivalent to buy one get one free", "do you want another drink if you draw this card?" McDonald's coffee can be refilled, why do you say you can make another cup for free? from now on, you can go to the store with the card and make another cup.

The benefit of "freshly brewed coffee can be refilled for free" has existed for a long time, and the recent small card sent with platinum coffee says, "if you don't think the coffee is strong enough, we'll make another cup for you for free." the time of the activity is also marked in small print at the bottom of the card, causing many netizens to misunderstand that McDonald's has launched a time-limited activity that allows you to have another cup of coffee for free. I thought I could buy wool in the store with the small card in my hand.

However, the fact is that platinum coffee with "freshly ground coffee" as the selling point is not included in McDonald's "freshly brewed coffee can be refilled for free", and the free refill of coffee that netizens want is just a misunderstanding.

However, netizens have another interpretation of the text on this small McDonald's card. Can they "always say it is not good and ask the clerk to do it again?" According to the literal meaning of the card, consumers can ask the clerk to make a new cup of coffee if they think that the coffee they drink is not strong enough.

Some netizens said that even without this small card, as long as they are not satisfied with the coffee in their hands, they can ask the McDonald's clerk to remake drinks. Therefore, "econnoisseur" thought that as long as they kept telling the clerk that it was not good to drink, they could have unlimited free refills. I have to say that this year's netizens know how to scrape wool.

In order to prevent this kind of situation, McDonald's small card clearly states that consumers can "contact the store manager with a small ticket from the Japanese store to make another cup of the same product of the same specification, and each order is limited to one cup." it seems that McDonald's is "prophetic" and explains in advance to avoid consumers exploiting loopholes in the rules.

As for whether any netizens have tried to "remake a cup of coffee for free" at McDonald's, some netizens have complained that the McDonald's clerk rolled his eyes and said impatiently that the coffee should not be remade.

It can be seen that it is not a real quality control problem, McDonald's will not casually give customers a new cup of coffee for free.

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