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The uncle of "police tea" calls for tea!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop before my mother told children not to do some bad things, they would probably casually say, "if you do so, you will be invited to tea by the police uncle." I have listened to it many times. "invited to the police to have tea in the station" has become one of the shadows of most people's childhood, even when they grow up.

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In the past, when the mother told the children not to do certain bad things, they would probably say, "if you do so, you will be invited to tea by the police uncle." you will be invited to tea by the police many times. "invited to the police to have tea" has become one of the shadows of most people's childhood. Even if you grow up to know that it is just a verbal bluff, you will try to avoid the occurrence of "being invited to tea by the police".

But recently, netizens have changed their minds and wanted to be invited to tea by the police. Some netizens even joked, "can you get in a fight at the door of the police station?" and made netizens want to get into the game so much, not because they were looking for trouble on purpose. but want to "find tea"-- find a milk tea shop in the police station.

Not long ago, netizens posted pictures on the social platform, saying that a well-decorated milk tea shop called "Police Tea" had opened, which attracted the attention of 5G surfers. "at first glance, who is so bold! how dare you play with this? second glance, I'm sorry! this is really opened by the Public Security Bureau!" .

It is reported that "Police Tea" is a new independent milk tea brand launched by Suzhou Public Security Bureau, and unlike the cross-border milk tea that is well known to the public, this milk tea shop is set up within the Suzhou Public Security Bureau and is currently not operated externally, and most of the people queuing up to buy milk tea are internal staff.

The milk tea produced by "Suzhou Public Security" alone is enough to arouse netizens' interest and want to try it and clock in as a souvenir, while according to insiders, "Police Tea" not only provides drinks such as milk tea and coffee, but also biscuits and desserts and related literary creation periphery, which makes netizens completely restless, asking: "which police station to buy", "so how can I buy it?" "can we go and buy two drinks?" "Uncle policeman, I want to drink".

While some netizens wanted to give it a try, many netizens said that public offices were not allowed to do business, questioning whether Suzhou public security opened a milk tea shop in violation of relevant regulations.

Netizens who have already drunk said that the milk tea shop set up within the city bureau is actually equivalent to the internal canteen, the internal staff consumption is also deducted from the meal card, and the store is not open to the public. If ordinary people want to try, they can wait until the open day of the police camp and take part in anti-fraud, drug control and other publicity activities for free.

Although this special milk tea shop cannot clock in and out at will like ordinary milk tea shops, most netizens like this propaganda way of keeping pace with the times, such as the "1.10" Police Day not long ago. Hangzhou Public Security Union overlord Tea Ji sent a cup of "police tea" to the people who participated in the event, which also attracted many people to queue up for it, and said that they not only picked up the surrounding area of Wenchuang at the scene. Also learned a lot of legal knowledge.

The propaganda way of Suzhou public security opening milk tea shop not only helps the police department to create a close image of the people, closer the relationship between public organs and ordinary people, but also attracts young people who like new things to study law on their own initiative.

Netizens in many other places expressed their envy of netizens in Suzhou and hoped that the police station near their home would follow suit, so that the phrase "go to the police station to drink tea" would no longer become a shadow of childhood. It will also allow more people to understand and study the law in this more acceptable way.

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