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Which temperature is the best to drink the hot American style?

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Last Updated: 2024/04/19, First it was cold and windy, and then the temperature began to drop abruptly. Under such a dual effect, everyone in Qianjie has been reduced to a "wide freeze" today. Without a cup of warm coffee in hand, it won't warm up at 01:30, so we can only have another cup. In winter, the hot American style, which usually has a very low sense of existence, has also begun recently.

First, the cold wind, then began to drop in temperature, such a double effect, today everyone in the front street has become "frozen people." Without a cup of hot coffee in hand, it won't warm up for a while. If it doesn't work, then I can only have another cup ~

Taking advantage of winter, the hot American style, which usually has a very low sense of existence, has recently begun to attract everyone's attention. People hold a cup in their hands. Although it still fails to surpass the ice American style, it is finally no longer unknown. As more and more people point to hot American style, some friends find out why the temperature of hot American style produced by each cafe seems to be different? Water temperatures range from 60°C to 80°C, or even higher, so which temperature range is the best for hot American flavor and taste?

In order to explore the results more objectively, the front street will be tested with a full-bodied deep-roasted Italian blend coffee bean and a medium-light roasted coffee bean with fruit acid, and then compared one by one at four temperatures (60°C, 70°C, 80°C and 90°C). Other parameters and production details shall be consistent as much as possible. Without delay, start the whole thing immediately.

Deep roasted coffee beans: Front Street Blending·Classic Italian coffee beans Concentrated flavor: dark chocolate, cream, hazelnut, caramel Grind: 2.0 Extraction parameters: 20g coffee powder, duration 30~31 seconds, 40g coffee solution Preparation ratio: 1:4.5 (40g coffee solution +180ml hot water)

Espresso made with dark roasted coffee beans is rich in fat, and four cups of coffee smell of hazelnut and caramel. Hot American at 60°C and 70°C can be directly consumed, so the most complete Crema is preserved when drinking. In contrast, the 70°C American style is slightly superior in flavor, showing a mellow aroma such as cream chocolate, nuts, caramel biscuits, etc., and the sweetness is also obvious. 80°C coffee is a little hot at first, can only sip a small mouth, taste but not lose, as the temperature drops, coffee aroma and sweet feeling of the most rich level changes.

After 20 minutes of indoor storage, 60°C American has dropped below 45°C, the aroma begins to weaken, and the bitterness increases, and the taste time is the shortest. As for the 90°C American style, because the water temperature used is close to boiling hot, it can be tasted after fifteen minutes, so almost no oil is retained, and the aroma is lost a lot, leaving only a baked taste mixed with a little dull bitterness.

Hot American aroma and taste order: 70°C > 80°C > 60°C > 90°C

Medium light roasted coffee beans: Costa Rica Baja coffee beans concentrated flavor: grape, blueberry, rose, cream, fermented aroma grinding degree: 1.6 extraction parameters: 20g coffee powder, duration 28~29 seconds, 40g coffee solution preparation ratio: 1:4.5 (40g coffee solution +180ml hot water)

Since the Baha coffee beans, which mainly express floral acid, are relatively lighter, the extracted espresso oil is thinner and almost no foam after pouring hot water. In terms of flavor, there is not much difference between four cups of freshly made hot American, all of which show citrus, blueberry acidity and a light fermented taste.

Among them, 80°C hot American drinking experience is the best, it in the process of cooling to nearly 70°C, presents a delicate floral and raisin-like sweet. As with the deep-baked American group, the 90°C hot American drink is mainly sour and the aroma is the most bland. 60°C and 70°C American flavor is quite satisfactory, although there is no negative taste, but because the initial temperature is lower, cooling quickly, so provide the best taste time is also short.

Hot American Aroma and Taste: 80°C > 70°C > 60°C > 90°C

From this point of view, whether using shallow roast coffee or deep roast coffee, it is not suitable to use high temperature water above 80°C to make hot American, not only easy to burn the mouth, contact with the hot feeling of liquid will obviously cover the taste buds perception, taste becomes less sensitive. At the same time, too hot American coffee will also make it wait longer to cool down, and the more volatile aromas in the coffee dissipate, thus greatly reducing the flavor.

In addition, friends who often drink hand-brewed black coffee should know that coffee liquid will have different flavor performance at different temperatures, and the bitterness will become more obvious as the temperature drops, especially when it is lower than the normal body temperature. Therefore, in addition to the best tasting temperature of coffee, the front street also considers that the time for everyone to drink a cup of coffee is usually more than 20 minutes, so when producing hot American, it will try to use preheated coffee cups and control the temperature at a medium and high temperature of 75~80°C. Otherwise, a cup of coffee has cooled down without drinking a few mouthfuls, let alone feeling the flavor, it is a little difficult to drink a full cup.

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